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A NEW AlliMUAT ! I AM NOW OP1N1NO 1OO CASES MEN'S AND BOTS1 Boots and Shoes ! Ladies', Misses' and Childrí n's BcotSj Shoes and Slippers Cheso goods havo Jnst been pnrchascd of flrnt Laude, and as I Uavc no eipsnile ofWÍNT, aud ivc mj e uflro personsl altonti"ii to thoJbiiíiuiBS, I hoiw'to Compete Successfully with all on aged I" the sh:os] tradb. A. D. SEYLER, No. G IVortli T!,iii SC. Ann Arbor, Ar. 8, 181 I. 13Sflro3 FEEST ÜEW GOOOS IN MAEKKT, AT FItyLEY LEWBS' THE Finest, Largest and Most Complete Stock of Fine Goods for Lililíes, Miases and Cliildren, at FINLEY and LEWIS' Bnrt's Fine Ealf Knots at Finlej & Lewis, and at NO OTHER Place in ïown. The Bost Kip and Stoga Boots ín Town at ÏTOLEÏ & LEWIS'. The Best Jioys' BootsJatFllSLEY & LEWEP. The Stock which lsbenfbtfor CAfflMnb ioW at botter prices ttian tliose bought ON TIHK. Finley & Lewis BUY F O R C A. S H ! and can eell tlifir goods at FAlIt PRICES. 13K6tl. NEW BOBT SHOE STOEE! At No. 8 Sontli Main Street. TIn; untWeinffl tflkn ptrneure In annonnnu" fo tbe dttsftOi o' Anu Arboi and viclnïty tliat he nas opcDed ft ïiow bufÍD6M plnce, whcre ho will keep cousthiitlj uu hui'.l i f uil ussortmeut ol BOOTS SHOES And everything in that line, VVIIICH WILL RK SOLD AS LOW AS POS8IBLE. Repairing Done Neatly and Promptly. Pleasc gtve me a cali. L. GRUNER. Ann Arbor, Aiir. 2, 1ST2. tzentt LOVEJOY, TOBACCONIST ! Dofils in both FINE CÜT ANB SMOKING TOBACCO, SirufF, Fipes, &c, AT NO. 7 EA8T HDBOS STREET, Next to tlie Express Office, ANN AHBOR, JMICII. 135tf HBAHAM FIOÜB, BUCKWHEAT FLOUK, COltN MEAL, FEED OF ALL KINDS. Allthc almTCartlclesare warrantcd to have no Klipcrior in For snit', at Partridge's Flouring MillsN. B.- GrletiDg done at short notlce. HURRYUP! PAitn ks wUhing Wall Paper, S ha ■ Holltiuily, Winüow PtxtoreBt Co'ds, TasselB, &c, all Nw Siyles, ut Sktlsfactor] Prices. by J. It. Wcbütor ; Co., lJook Storo,nar thu Expíese Oltlccj [" IVE GEESE FEATHiiRS tonetantljoBlittuil andforsalt by BAGHif ABEL, 19 NOW BEADY FOS THE SPRIKG TRADÊ Uavln" IlccolveduLnrgcStockof 8FRIK6 Al 8UHHBB GOODS, 1HOLUDINQ OLOTES, OA8STMEREP, VESTING8, &C. of tbe fiB3ï S1YLES and ÜUALIIIES WniOB Hl WILIi on tonus to suit. Also a full line of RBADT-MADE OLOTHING AND Gents' FÜRNISÏÏIM Goods ALSO LADIEÖ' AND GENTS' MOROCCO 8ATCHELS No.21 Sonth Ynin Street,- EnetSide OALL AND SEE THEM. ■WÏI.I.IAM WA NEK. Ann Arbor, April Ut.lSTSt. -5 s g s í ! .h a S g B o 39 5 fel B H ' 1 g ui 5h j l íq H a i 5 !Í H ra . 2 j I f DÏ8o P 15 WÍJh o si 8 3 % o w 3 TAMKS McMAHON, Justicc of the Pcaco, Office in now block, North of Court Ilouse Honey collecled and prompt!; raid over. INSTTRATSTCJE AGENT. Triumph, assciB, $TÏT.OS.H Niirlh Missouri, " B43,41T.O1 Htberula, ' 350,coo.ou TITGAIj :KSTATE. I lmvo 80 acres of land 36 of a milc from the rity ini.H, Snely located for fruit or garden purposc. Algo 40 acres. Also 10 acres, with Ii"up iitiil barn.nnd a livclv stream of watflrraniiliigthroagfa the barn yard. 60 acroB, a milc nut. 1 wlil ell nny or all the abnve clioap, or oxclinnK' for city prupurty. 1SM JAMIÏS McMAIfOX. pOTTLED LAGER, ALE AND PORTER, Put up in Piiits and (uarts for Family uso. ALSO BY THE KEG. ttr Onlcrs loft nl lielter fc Co.'s Drup Sluro ivilt be prumptly fillcil. IIILL & CHAPÍN. Ann Arbor, May 2S, 1879. ISTfitf pfiOPLE'8 DRUG STOÜÜf R. W.ELLIS& CO. ANN ARBOR P !'. GIDLEY, Succossor to COLGROVE 4 SON. .■ -''-''■., '"5 ' ' '.- ■' A DRIGGIST Al raiMIST IN COOK'S NEW HOTKL, No. 12 E. HÜEON STSEET, DBAXEB IN 8VSC1CM IÍ9TRCBEHT8( PIHE WHE8 iSD LIOIORS, fKOU MKHICAI, PÜRPO.SER ONLT.) Fnncjr Oooils, Perfiimery, PAÏTS,, VAKfSHE?, r,I,Af!S, ÁHS PVTTT, PHYSICIAS' PBESCHÍPTÍOXS ardfally coinponnded at all honrs. I PB0PG3E NOT TO BE UKBEE30LD BY AKY FIPvürT IN THE CITY WHO FURNÏSH A3 GOOD AIÍ ASïICLE. E. B. OIDIjEïï'. ir.r.rtf 3. Walk, Propritor. R. McDomai o Co., DruggiiM 4 Cien. Agenta, Sun Frucltto, Cl., and 31 Commerca tlreel, N. Y. BEIIililONS Bfar Testimony to thelf Wonderful Catatlve EiïoctB. Thcy nre not avile Fnncy Drink, Made of Poot Iïiiïi:, WhlsUcy, Trooi' Spirits mid Re Al se Ijlqtiors doctorod, Bpiced mul swortiïiif 'Ho pienso tho taRte.cftlled "Tonica," "AppetizcrV Kcstorers,'1&e.t tlint Icrul tho i. ípplor on to tlrunkenness and ruin.bnt are ntrue Medicinc.made fromtheKntive Roota and Herba of California, frce from nll Alcoliolic SllmnInniK. They ara th (iKF.AT BLOOD PURIFIEllnnd A UFE IVING PRINCIPLKi n perfect Ucno vator and Invlgorntor of the Bystom, CfxrryinpofFall poisonous matter and restoring theblood to a heaUhy condition. Ho pcrson c:in tttke these Bittors nccording to tlircctions and renwln ]ong unwell, providcd thinr boncB aro not dcstroycd by minerrU poisonor other ïneans, and tho vital organs wasted bcj'ond tho point of repair, Thoy are :i Gen tl PiirsmtiTonn wcll n a Tonic notflessing, al, the peculiar merlt of aoting na a powerful Bfent ín relfevlng Cungestlon or Inrtammation of tlic I.ivcr, nnd alt thcViwernl Orans. FOR FEMALK COMPXAINTS, Inyonnffor old, married prslnglo, nt thedawn of womanliood orat tlie torn of Ste. thoae Tonio Bitters have no eqiial. Foi' I nflniniiintory ntnl Chroufc Klieumatlnin miel ííojit, DyttprpNÍia or Indigestión, llilionft, Remtttent and Tntcrmltlcnt Vcvers, Dfseasea oi the ISlood, Livcr, Kïdneya aiid lilnddcr, theso Ritiera liftve been moBfe succcsBful. Siicti Oisenncfí are cansedby Villatcd lllood whioh togvnerally prodtictd by dcrangooaent of the DiffrMivc Orsmm. DYSPEPHfA OU INDIGESTIÓN, Headnclie, l'ain in theSlioulderfl, Couffhs, Ttghtnesa of the Ctio!!, DiTiziness, Snur F.niciationa of the Stomadb, Kad Taste fn the Mouth, liilioua Attactes, PalpitalioD of tlio lienrt. itiilanimatioD of the Lunffii, Pain in tho retions of tho Kiilneia, aiKla liundred otherpainful sj-mptoms, aro the oflsprinea of Üyspcpsia. Tboy invifforate the Bteroacb nndstimulatethetorpid Lircr and lïowcls, vliicb ronder them of unequallcd efflcHcy in clcansir.j the blootl of all inipnriïies, aud iml'Ri'iinc iicw lifc and rigor ío the irhole system. FOR SKIN DISI'ASKS, EnipiioMS.Tetter, 8alt Rhoum, Blotchofi, Spotí?, Pimples, Putules, 13oils, CarbnnoleSi EUns-Wormi, Seatd ilcari. Sort Kyp?, Bryslpolafi, [tcbaScurfa, Discolorations uf tito Skin, Hiiinorsand ■ f the tikin, of whatfv.T name or nsture are lltcrallv duc p nd rarrif'J out of the sysftm in a short time by t.h nue ot thoso Bitters. One Wittte in pnch cahcs wil] convineO the most iucretlulouH of thoir curatire effect. Cleanse tho Vitiatcd Blond whencTiT ynn flnd lts lmpurities bursting tltroucli tho skin in I'imp'ee, EruptionB or Sores; cleanso it wben you flnd It obstructed cd Rluseish In the veins; clcanfie it when It is fonl. and your fcrling-s vtll teil you when. Keep tho lilood pure, and the hcalth of the ersícm will follow. Pin T:ii'.', iïihI otlicr Worm, hirkingr tn tlio ■ystem of ko ruany thousands, aro cfTectuaíly destroyed and rnnored. Batí n dlstlnnlshed pbniolosistt tli ere is ■oarcftlr Mi iuiivi;]iiiil non the facft of the earth wbose Iwï'iy is eionipt fmin tlie presence of worms. It is not upon the healthy elementa of tho body that worroa oxist, bat apon the disascd humors and ulimr deposita that breed these living monsters of diftcaee. No System of Medicine, no vetmifuiics, no Mltnelinlntici will free the system frora wuniia like tbeae Bitters. J. WALKIUt, Proprietor. R. II. McDOXAl.D & COH Druffiists ai;d (ion. Acrents. San Francisco. California, and 32 :inl 34 Oommerce Street! New York■9S0LD BY AH. DUÜGGIST3 A.N0 DEALJCB3. ; DR. CROOK'S WINE OF TAR 1O YEAB8 PUBLIC TEST JDr. Crook's WINE Mi XX JX ■L rïo linye more WviM .MÊ; werlt tlian any 'Stt g similar prepara HBHBBp ( ion ever ollercd Ilic public. ' It in rioli in tlie medicinal nualitiesof Tar. and uncqualed lor nisoases of the Tlaroat and IillIlgS, performicg the must romark ble cures. Coughs, Colds, lironic Conglu. It offectually cures them all. Asinina and Bronchitük Has cnred so many cases it has been pronounced a specific for tliese complaints. For pains ia Breast, Sido or Back, Grayel or Kidney Disease, Diseases of the Urinary Organs, Jaundico or any Liver ,: Complainl It ha no cqual. It is also a superior Tonic, . Restores the Appetitc, Strengthens the System, Restores the Weak and DeMlitated, , Causes the Food to Digest, Removes Dyspepsia and Indigestión, Preyents Malarious Feyers, (íives tone to your System -HURRY UP ! ÏAUTIXCS wiehlng WU PaprCIotli and Papei loirf Fixnns Cuida, TaeseU, Af... ll Hw Sts'li."', at 8ttfactor3 l'rices. by J JB bvebator ft Co., U .ok Mtre, noartho Bxprofl oiïlce. K . X GotoR.W.ELLISft CO's ! forstrictly Pure Drugs and iMedi cines,PaintB,Oils,&c.


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