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How To Keep Celery

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poiidont of .1 ■■ 't BfÏTOS tin; folloWinguseful and seMsoiiablo hints: "Few tho benefit of thoso oí our readers who have novor Bucoeedod in keeping colery in estable condition throngnout a winter (and I know of several), I will givo a rulo by which I have preaerved oelery, 'free from rot or rust, as late as the last of STarch. Nor work at oelery in any way, ëzoept whon tho jilmits uro perfeotly dry. Earth up novcr boforo 10 o'clook A. M. nor after 1 1'. M., mid then only on 'a vury dry ftndsunShtny day. In the fall, as soon as the gronnd bogitis to froeze enough to makc the sEhíest orust in tho morning, s!lect a dry and sunshiny day, nul as near noon ai m.-siblo, pack yoüi oelery in boï8 (t use soap or starch box,- , plaoing Hrst a layei of earth about one inch deep; theu a layei of.celory, plaoing thp plan te juatfar enougb apart to nol ogainst eaoh othur, and thus, altemating earth and oelery, mtil the boxes aro fillod, having the first and last layen of earth. Plaoe the boxea where the olory will not treeze (bnt not in a . ,1 room), and your oelery will keap sili-nduily aud ulways bo CÖUVOnlèai for


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