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Judge Dent Ku-kluxes An Editor

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The Capítol, oí this city, ycsterday contaiaed an artiole based on ono froia tho Now York iSun, reflecting upon Judgo Louis Dcnt and Gen. Dnt in tho matter of tho appointment by tho President of Win. J. Farraud as Consul to Callao, and of L. II Withey as oommissioner to sottlo tho claims of tho United States igaingt Pera, wad eharging that oert&in moneys wero paid to the Dents i'or thcir iniluenco. This morning Judgo Dcnt visited the Cdpitol office, and on inquiring for Ilcnry Reed, ono et' tho editora, T?as direetod to his room up stnira. Caliing lleed's attorrtion to tho tirticlo of which reforenco 13 nbovc raade, ho nsVod wbö tho uuthor wa3. Eeod replied that he wm rosponsiblo for it, wboreupon Judgo Dont pronounood it í'hIbb and oitlled upou Beöd to defend biinae{(; then raismg a walkias stick, Judge Djiit strack liood sevorul times ovor tha boad, breakiiig tho cane. Mr. líoed by this timo was on his feot, and seizing tho Judge, a scuíilü ensned for tho possosion of thu caiiü, or tho reiunant in tho hands of the latter. At this juncturo somo of tho staiï of tho papor, who il'wiv Btftirs, hearing tho noiso of the gonffln, came up and separated thu combátante. Of&oer Roundiok, boiug near at hand, was oalled and took tlio assailaivt into oustody and filod infori in tho Pólice Oourt i.'hargiug Judgo Dont vith ftssault and battery on Reed. The hearing was postponed tiü to-morrew, Bv-nt ontoring into íi personal rocogiiizíinoo iu tho sum of Í200 for his ippearanoo. Hoed rucoivod two flesh wounda and a cut near tho left (iyo, which is somewhnt iruised, the wound boing probably made ïy the splintorcd end of the cane after it was brokon. The abovo is a history of the case as it was stated beforo tbc polico court. Eced ind bis frionds aesort that tho'assault vas mado without nny cxplimation cxOept tho question asked by Judgo Dont ns to tho respunsibility of the paper for vlmt it had printod. Aftcv Eoed had anwered Dent's question in tho affirmative, 10 asserts tbat tho Judgo, raising his ïickory cano and without a word of oxplanation, boat hitn ovor tho head with t. Hoed further s;iys Dont did not oall n hiro to düfond hiaisclf, but assaulte } I ho vns sitting with bis fect onunped andel the tnblo, and for a moment uiiuble to oübr rfcsiBtunco to thü blows .hovvoreil on liim. öeiicml Ijcnf-, bcíng intorviwed, warmy doilies tlio truth of tho statements in ipitol.


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