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- The City Marshal has fulmlnated a bulletiu airainst the cüws. - The recular Fall term of the Circuit Court wlH open on Monday nexf. - Invallds are referred to the advprtise" ment of "Dr. Pierct's Golden Medical Discovery." Wc ar: onder obllgtlon to the publlshers of the sagina w Kiitcrprise for thulr tlaüy edltlon. - The Couricr last week announced another UnWerstly professor polltically iouiirt. Vu teil. T'rrr í itroit pnual Conferezco of the M. E. Öhurph mot at f?iginaw oí Wedneyi -ly- The nork o the Presbytcrian v'.'hurch Is progressinjr fluely. Just now thè celliiijs ure botnii frescoed . Summer lias got its bick broken, and the hot, mugg; spoll has been iollowed by breezy dyB and cool n!f?lits. A big thunder storm at 2'. A. H. yestenliiy clearcd oiT the tbreatenlDg frosts and warmed op the weatlier. - Tlie railroad right of-way jury assess cd the damaicea lor erossinK tlio farra of Wk., of Plttafleld, at ?G0O. - Miss Mauy L. Chase wlll return to onr city about the first of Octol)er, aud rc■nmeglvlng instructions on tlie piano. - The :ost interestliif? letter we have jet h nd from our forcign correspondent, J. M. Whbblbb, Esq., wlil l)e found in tliis day's Anous. - F. A. PalkBR, of the Snglnaw RcpubUcan, has startod .in evening daiiy, a neatly printed 20 column sheet, and may Uve until after eiection. - Our readers In thU city and vlcinlty are commended to the very Interestlng report of Supt. Perbi of our pnbüc schools, to be found on the ilrs page of thi.s sheet. It makes a good showins;. The Allegan Journal has been cnlnrged. It Is now a 36 column paper and is printed on a new power pre-s. It is a live paper of the kind, and llie kind may bo de fiaei as deuced raiilcal.


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