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-In the ivport of Supt. 1'eüuï lírst page, a provoklug mistaba oecurs la the "Ilifíh Ssliool" ectloa, paragraph flve. In tlic slxtli luie of that pingrapb 5 pr ceut. sliou'n! rcit'i 10 per cent. The charge of Know-Notbingism made ngainst Ilenry Wilson oontinues to bo rcpested by turning, twisting and revaniping, although Mr. Wilson, whoso charactor as a man of trutli nnd as a gentloman luis liever boforo boni called ia question, has explieitly denied ever hnving had any conncotioa with the ordor.- Jackson Citizen . IlKNny Wilson being "ft man of truth" has nut J-ot denied, oxplinitly or (ny othcr way, thut ho was iï momber of thcKuowNothing order. When ho does mnko suoh denial he will no longer " bo a man of truth," but will be proved to be n liar. That he was a Know-Kothing is as clearly proven as that ho is now T'nited Statos Senator and tlio Eopublicau candidate for Vice-President. TllE stoamcr Metis, from Now York for Providence, collidod with a sohooncr about 4 o'clocli A. M. , of tho 30th uit., off Watch Ilill, Ehodo iBland. By soms unaccountable nogligenco she was reporled uninjurod and kopt on her course, dcppito tho oiFors of the stoamer Stonin};ton to ostctid relifcf. In about half an hour sho was reported sinking. and in a fow minutes went down, her deuk being iloated oiï and brokon in picoes. The passenpor lists were lost, and it is impossible to give the number of lives lost, but tho latest eetimates put it at 47. Tlio details ore hcart-rending. - It is also snppogod that tho sail vessel sank immediately.


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