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Swisshelm For Greeley

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Sih: Want of health has prevented my canvassing my nativo Stata in favor of uur distinguished son, Jamos Black, and the triumph oí' tho principies ho represent=. I have thought to sit ouietly in " woruan's sphore," and see the Presidontial (jaustion eettled by those who assumo, that it is their business to attend to political affuirs ; but there lias been such a genoral resurrection of old abolitionists iii eearch of thoir opinions on the respective merits of tho mon who aspiro to tho honors and emoluments of fluit great victory lor which wo so long contended that I, too, have been dug up aud presented to the public as an advocato of tho reelectiou of President Grnnt. Ihavctried tor forty yoara to keep my littlo influence ou the riglit side, and oan not pormit it to go over at this late day. As an original abolitionist I must prefer Greeley to Grant, because ha has been a lifo-long and consistent opponent of "the snm of all villainiea," wliilo Grant sent back to their niasters the slaven who claiined his prot ction ut Fürt Douelson, and never, at any time, has shown any eympathy to the slave, or auy love for human freedoai. With Mr. Greeley I difïbred, for years ; but it was a dift'eronce about mcans to attain tho end 011 which wo were agreed. I diiTyred still more with Mr. Garrirfon, and think, to-day, that Mr. Groeloy was tho more efficiënt abolitionist of tho two. I soe nothing wrong in a coalition between abolitionist3 and pro slavery Democrats. By such a coalition, we advanced the cause of freedom in tho barnburning campaigB. By such coalitions, Sumnor, Chase, and Halo wero elccted to tho United States Benate; by a coalition with Jehu, tho Lord punishod tho wicked house of Ahab ; and by a ooalition with rascáis, General Grant hopos to retain the Government patronage Sorae of the bitterest "copperheads" I over know are liis supporters. His organs aro using their utmost to win the old rebel leaders to his side, and firing great guns in honor of their euccess in North Carolina. As a Patriot I must profar Groeley ; lor, while Grant gave a wholesale military pardon to rebels under tho applo tree whero he and Lee made their mutual surrender, Greeley bound hiiusolf persoually to hold thö only ono leffc for punishineut ready to receive that punishment when the Government should be ready to administer it. As !m economist I prefer Grcelcy, becauso by pledge of $10,000 ho saved tho Government about that amouiit per month for aa indefinito period, and thmw upon onr grand archrebel tho expense of hia own and his family's support. I was öpposed to paying taxes to keep Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Davis in the choicest dolicacies of the seasen, buying carpets to cover halls that his sensitivo nerves should not be ghookad by the rough tread of tho l nion soldiere who , -.-.: i f a:i i body-guarda to his mightiness. I fhink thnt the wo paid for catchiii;; him and the hun ured thousand for boardina him, wuro juito onough, and, a5 a taxpayer, I aui greatly oblied to Slr. Ghreeley and others for n li. itids US of the oost of keoping tliis distingnished guust of tho nation. They eertninly got the Government out of aa uglj tangïe. The littlo I kuow of gtatesmanship leads me to prefer IMr. GrreYv, li cause, accordiDgto the showing of that astuto thinkef, Wendell Phillips, ho is about tho only statesman we have iiad. If the Southern people c:m not bo trusted to govern flio Southern States, tho late war was a miserable t';üluro, and that man who foresaiT this roralt and hnd the courage to propose a better way is a raro specimen of sagacity and bravery. It is tho utmost folly to talk of a ivpublic which is governed frora tho outside ; and, to my tnind, Mr. Groeley was right in proposing to the Southern people to submit the quostion of the dissolution of the Union to tho voto of ]K o!n of the whole Union. To (ight that battlo with bailóte instead of bnlloti witil.l have been tliu wiser coursc, and Mr. Greeloy is not to blaiue that botli partiea rojocted his sensible adrice, or that tlio Soutbern pooplo attemjpted to take by torco what ho was willing to grant - that they struok and refusea to baar. Prom what X kuow of war I profor Mr. Greeley, whoso polioy was - Of entmnoo to a quarrol ; but, being int Beu 't that th oppuscr may hcwaro uf theo ; but do not kill liim aftor hc ifl deud. Ho was opposed to beginning tho war ; but, once, begun, ho urged tho most decisivf measuros ; and when it was over ho wunted us to quit. As a BepubUoon, I prefer thd elocüon of a Bepublitfan by Democratie Totes, to thut ot' a Demoorat by ltepublican votes ; ahJ feel that wo havo uotfaing td do with tho motives wbioh may iufluonco Tammany in aiding honest men to do right. Tho Lord uses very wicked men and fallen angels to accompliab. his purpioses ; and no mun is so bad that ho does not at times do i good act. " Set a rogue to oatoh a rogue," is a proverb ; and if Tammany thieves will aid tho American peoplo to ciroumvent tho hordo of thioves now robbing thom through tho Kxeoutivo officca, well and good. I have no objeotion to working and walking with " A-.ilïl Clootio and all his clan," so long as they go my road and do tho work I want dono ; but, if I wero faBtidious about my company, I know no place whoro I could find worso than in tho Ornnt party. They liavo amnestii'd all tho old rebels, oxccpt about two hundred, and aro all choek-and-cheek isith all whom they can coax into a coalitiou ; and, of tho örant office-holders who are personally Imown to mo, about one-half are arnong the most corrupt politicians I know ; somo of thom men who would bdast of theii success in buying an ap pointment, and go with any party that paid best. As a woman-sutïragist I prefer open opposition to a politio pretensión of rospectful considoration ; and, as a citizen of the greut republic, must prefor ita safoty and permanence to my own individual rights undor it, or the rip;ht3 of over one-half the people, as tho wholo is greater than any part. I bolieve that the days of tho republic aro nuinbor'jd and few if the ulorul sonso of tho pooplo becomes so debaecd as to pormit them to approvo, or treat with indifitèrenoe, tho salo of the public patronage lor tho benefit of the President, or even of his party ; mul another way to conquer tho rebel States would be a loss ovil than the moral jangreno of approvod personal dishonssty in the l'residential ohair. Mr. Greeley is an houest man, and I would trust liim to do his duty in any oilico, even if lioowed his eleetion to old Satan himself.


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