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Wholesale Murder

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Bx. PATO, Mixnr., Aug. 31- Mr-s. Charlotto Lainb has boen arrestod at Trirabello, Pierce oounty, Wis., and placed in the Ellsworth jail, charged with poisoning fivo pui-sons. In September, 1871, hor hus1and died very euddonly, showing jyraptoma of having boen poisoncd. Last May her son, aged ten, was taken 9ick i" a Hito inannerto his fnthcr and in tin hoor was dead. In Juno a daughtcr, eight yoars oíd, died a similar dooth. Last month Mrs. Lamli went to Mrs. Jane Ottman's houso to assist in taking Cero of l'.or whilo sick, and mixed up a powrlcrforher. Mrs Ottman complained of violent pains in the stotuueh and died in a fow minutes. Last week Koyal Garland, also a noiglibor, died under íiko circu-nstances as tho abovo nnmed. ilr. Lamb u-as eooking for him during harvest, and after drinking a cup of tea propared by her was táken with severo pains mul died soon after. Tlie stomaob of Mr. Garland haa bien taken to Dr. Hay, of Hudson, to bo analyaed, and it is said poison found. Tho bodies of the other two victims havo been disintorred nnd the stoinaoho are iiow in the hniifis oi' the doctor for nnalysia. Mrs. Lamb's house was searched and strychnino and arsenio fonnd. Her oxamiuation takcs place September óth.


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