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The Mischief-maker

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Clicílíciganrgu$ "This isilnll enringh wort " ;"! doarUttle toeee, Ui-h the ii igranoe of J uuo in lu-r breath dt living onroee-li vo tuluuguiy caso ï'm ui Kbout óiiv.l la dl alh. u mió. T'm fltö kböal tircl lü iloath. '' t Mat mis tli.' wir.a in thi p(,l!y oM place, Siiiil bréese, with a doloroua sia-h, '■ So my quarten t'l chango, if il brmgs mo üisgrnce. I niii'si lmvu a " blow out, or aio ! I !-:lV mi' ! Ktiiiï the brfvi-, with dolORMU ligta Bo the iophyi iuite out of her Utitude falla, Am! in searcli ofadrenturef Roea foith, B ivim;siiue "- toti'iii;-!t.aTi,lslulU Froiu nor trli nds al tl"' eat and north, Win ■ s:. : 11 You'd bctter kcop norlb-ciiiit by north." She band a .siimll tpvfe wtth th tinloel nluw, And dealaied it trould be a jrel slmmo '!'. Iet it die out juarf for wnni ui a blow, BÖ -:.-■ itiuuod 1( in intii :i Öiuiie. :ir '. Buch a beuutiful, terrible Ünme ! J t leaped and il crucklcl, and till the broeze blaw, And thoukrht tt iras capital fun To m the hluck pmuUo, n it gStbHM oud grew, And pul out the light of tbe suu. " Juft w e," üho ezelaimed " what toni " Dut. slio wearicd ut Ia8t of her frolioxome route, Aml tho iov of her turbulent reten, "Howl wishthat thia wretohed oíd flr wnsout, And I iu uiy ouartera aain I Oh, yes, In my níet' cozy quarten agaiu." But the ll-imo she hal kiiulled with vigorous brcuth To lier t'i.liümr tefuaed to pive hed, liut went huirynifc'on in UtdanWOf il;ntl, Antt inockmgly laughed at hei dtcd ! ' Aha ! " IIow it mockcd at her iguorant docd. " T) me," said tho zephyr, " now wbcre t:hall ï go To hiilo my disgnee and my ithame : Ah : httle I thought th1 udi ruin would grow Krom the ispuik thnt 1 fanned lo a llame I 1 Vur ine ! And ntibody elsc to blanic. "This caution I L'ive to 11 bree that blow, And to penpfa w !; Rosaip aTout, lic rairi'ful of partas, leot you kmill a glow That you'd íínd 'cry }iird to pui out Jast aee "WTint came of my httle " blo out I "


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