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Sterility And Depletion

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Regarding this subject Mr. Howorth remaras: The gardener who destres his plants to blossom and bear fruit talcos caro that they shall avoid a vigorous growth. Ho k'nows that this will inevitably mako them sterile ; that either his treo will only bear distortod flowers, that fail to produce soed, or that they will Wr no blossoms at all. In order to procuro tfowên and froit lio clteeks the growth and vigor of tho plant by pruning its root8 or branches, depriving it of food, and, it' lu have a stubborn pear or peaoh tree which has long refuaed to bear fruit, ho adopta tho hazardous but often ■most suooessiul plan of ringing its bark Turning to tho animal kingdom, the ruléis no lesa truc. "Pat hena won't lay" is au old fragment of philosophy. Tho breeder of sheep, pigs, and cattle knows very well that it' his cwes and sows and cows aro not kopt clean they will not breed ; and as a sturtling examplo it is statcd that to induco Alderney cows, which are bad broeders, to be fertile, they are aotrially bied, and so sufnciently reduced in coudition. In like marnier genorons diet and good ïiving produce ther effect on human beirrgs. In eountrics where ftesh and strong food is the ordinary diet, tbe population is thin and tho inoreaso small ; while wh(!re fish, vegetables, and weak food are wsed, the population is large anl the increase rapid. Everywhere the rich, luxurious, well-fed olasaes are diminishing in aumbers or aro gtationary ; wbilo the poor, badly led, hard-worked are very prolifio. Ás with the plant, the animal, ad man, so it is with the nation. It ■oras luxury and not the barbarians that snapped the power that wroaght the deKtruotion of the Roman Empiru; und as planta, animáis, and een human beings ar ■ s'imulato 1 by a course of depletion t iiu re ised fertility, so, iiocordirrg to g m.e anthorities,"great wars have a effect on nations, and by their depletinar actioTi stimulate them to increased nc ti vi ty umi renewed vigor.-


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