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Without Legs Twelve Hours

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At tho buttle of Wagram, in 1S09, a oldier was ongHjTC'i rn íhe fray, the rsnks around him wore tembLy thinned liy hot, and by sunsüt be was noarly iso14ted. Whilo reloading his miuket he was shot down by a oasnon buil. His imyroesion was that tbe ball had passed througk his legs, below the kneus, separating thein trom the thighg, - for he nuddenly Bank down, shortened, as he beKeved. Tho trunk of the body feil backwards on the ground, and the senses were comjiletely painlyzéd by the shock. Thus he fcy, motiotiless, amone thu wonnded and .li ad during the night, rjot dnrirrg to move a mustio, lest the loss of blood nhould be fatally inoreased. lío feit no pain, but thi was ftttributed to the stunriing eü'ect of the shock to the brain and nervous system. At early dawn he was aroused by one of the surgeons, who ciiuiu aroutul to help tlie wounded. " Wlmt's the matter with you-, my good fellow 'i " inquired the surgeon. " Ah, touch me tenderly," rciplied the wounded man, " I besoooh you ; a can:)!!' ball hag carried oil' both my legsJ' 'llie lurgeon examined tho liinb.s refi'rred to, and then, iiving liim ;i good shake, said, with a joyous laugh : " Get up with you ; you havo uothing tho matter with you." Xho man iinmeáiately pprans up, in nttor astonishment, and stoo.i iirmly on the los he tboagtfc ha had test foraver. ER then renwrkéd to tb surgeon : "I had indeed been shot down by the cannon ball ; but, in-itead of passing ihrough ray Ugs, ns I firmly believed it Tnid, the ball passed ander my feet, and ploughod a hole in the earth, at least a foot i depth, into whioh my feetinstuntly Stink, giving nio the idea that I hnd been thus shortcned by tho loss of my


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