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Digging And Care Of Potatoes

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Avilen the topa of pot&to planta wither tlic tubcrs ara ripe, and, Uki: othex crops will be injured if not at onoe gatherod and takeu cara of. If ullowed to be once souk-íd in tli" gcound ly a severo or prolongad rain after ripeaiDf?, they luse irrcparably Eoino of thoir swect flavor, und gome portiou of their nutriont pfopurties; or they aro sound and vital for seed jiotatoos; and evciy min :mroonts th') damge, rendering thum both less palatablc and lesa wholcsomc. Wliat farmer can be ignorant of tho ñu;t that the jiotatocs he diga in Novcni "twr and December are loss diy and Bwoet 'imt those he ato froni tho sume field in September ind Ootober previously? Potatoes should not ho exposed to tho air, Bun, or wind to dry thein, as is custoinary, sftur being If nioist or dirty wben tftkon from the ground, cleaaiag and diying doos not protect tkem, but tlie reverse. Evory poiato that becomea uncovredbe'troit ia ii[", or protrudee abovc ils earthly covcring, soon bedomea blightod in tho eiposed part, - a i'net whicli provea that it is defenseles against aerial elementa, aud its ncutl.'vhen diifj, of


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