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Money From Mutton

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The great secret ot' success in tho wintor fattaning and management of sheep is to attond lo them yourself. A hired ïiiiin, who foods at a cortain bour evcry day, and in aecustomed order ; who will exerciee a littlo judgment as to tho amount required - feeding a littlo raorc grain and hay iluring :i stormy dny, than a warm one ; who will seo bat tho shcep never want tbr water, and that thoy nevor have to drink water that is reduced to the free7'iug point by snow and ico, but who will, on thu oontrary pump them froah water three or four times a day and íilwaya u.t u fixed hour ; a mau who knows how to lodder the sheop in such a wtiy that thoy are tempted to uat as mach as they can possibly digest, without leaving any to get stalo in tho raeks ; a man who will litter the sheds and yards two or three times a day, doiug it with judgmont, and llover allowing any part to get dirty, but having all tho timo a nice, clean bed fc-i' tho sheep to lie on ; a man who will do all this, and who has a quick eyo to detect tho elightost symptotiis of disease ;ml tamenees, vast of appetite, derangement of tho stomach and bowels, norvous restlessness, etc.; a man that can teil froin the eyes and cars and general aspeet that a shoep is not doing well, and who has proiuptucsa and onergy to separato thut sheep at once froui the floek and givo it the requisito attontion ; a man, who will do all this, is a tareasure indeed. I never hope to find raoh a, man remsv-made. Possibly by taking a. bright, intelligent boy that is willing to learu, yon oan edúcate him up to it. This is the reason why so few of our ireeders of improved stock ever attain eminent They aro generalij nun ot woalth who do not attend porsonally to tiieir stock. They pay large ptices for the animáis, but can not get thoin pcoperly attendud to. Taking this view of the matter, tújes it not seein a pity that intelligent farmers, who take oan of their own animáis, sbonld waste tbeir time in attending poor stock? When we think liow diffloult it is to hire this kind of care, juigmout and atti-ntion, it would Beom that a farmer eould raise much better animáis thun those broeden that leave tbeir, stock to the '-iré of men not personally interested


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