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Milk And Bone

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As the strongest bables owe their vijor to tho milk they reoeive in theii infanoy, a rocominendation to keep brood maros wcll will nut bo cunsidered as unsuituble : Imt the eonneotion between milk and bono is also deserving of a remark. When animal bonos ;ire divesttfd oí' their oil and jelly, íiie tarth which rtnains i ohiefly lime, unitcd with phosphoric acid. It is worthy of notico, tlüit phosphate of lime is foimd in abuudancc in milk. This soems to indioate that Nature thought fit to place, in the fitst nourisliinent of nniïnals, a quimtity of oaseoos matter, witli a view to tho necossary celority of the forination and growth of thu bones in tho earliest stage of their livcs. Tliis is one of tii(: numorous iiistui:t-rs of the benrticence of tho Crcator, exemplifled by the Bcience of ohemistry, and shows tlio adTantafjfes to be expectod froni a pood flow 'of milk in i maTe that is wel] fed ; and it is a remarkable faot, that the neurer the feiiiiilc approachea to the period of parturition, the more is the milk charged with this calcareous posphate. Nor is it uittil the digestivo organs of tho foal are sufEciently streugthonod to auswer tho purposn of work of atiimalization, that


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