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Vyim'ttOttE LAKE. Hcrlag reflttcd :uid f:trnihed theCLIFTON HOUSE! Tam now prepared 10 reoelve ;md entertain pi sanare, flahtag and dandoa partles, at odc of most attraciivt', pieaütiut nud healthy waturini; places iu the Weat. My boatfl are now. Iiiru'o ind cimmnclious, and wi ] i lapted for the ase f pi o isore eaokerm Ansclórn will n nd u full aad complete eqaipmont siwayfl on hand. 9p il ii ttieatton L'ivcn to the wants umi comfort of thone who wUh to spenda few weeks in recreatloD durins the warm ftammermonthfl Nu pittu wil] bo Bp.iröd to make WüITMORB ",K!.. in tiie futuro aain ihe pat, a favorita Buminer re3ürt. D. F. SM Trees! Flowers! Bulbs ! Seeds ! HKDGE PLANTÖ 1 Sursrry Stock ! Fruit anl t'luii'i-r Platos ! Addrese F. IC. PHCENIX, BLOOMINGTON NITJRSERY [LLINOIS. 600 Aerea : Slntyear; 1? Greenlionpes ppltf, 1,000 J'yr.,an; 2j 80 B y. $ÍJ y $30 4 Cataloga, 20 cents. I862m4 'CHËAPLÏN'ËNST Wc li ti ao l'iiTfs Tablc I.iniiis uud 1UO Dozen Toivels, IVapkius, AVliitc Quilts mil 'l'iililf o m, I mu. iliüs prcpiirin to tako Board era iioulii kpc tilia Stock. Cw JOH H. MAYNABD. A GJSNT WAKTED FOR BOOKS NEEDED BY ALL FARMERS. Tha best booka pabUttaedon the Morse and tho 'oiv, LH ral t'-rui--. money madt rapidlg ty Agenta ■1 inr theso books. Snd fr circular, 'OHi'KK - OOATJEES. I'i nt.i8UF.B8f Philadulpliinj'a. lt BA Li:!. A IIouso nucí Iit on tii.; ml Hiite f Haynaid reet beiveon William il111 Jfflwon. Una u gutxl urn and CUtorni. Term uasy. Ann Arbor, May 21, i;2. 13751Í J. J: I'ABSHALL. YantëdT" l-'iKirtrirls, for tlie LaunJry bdcI Diuing üooms of C'"ahV Hotel. 1389 S. O. &.1J. C. AVUltY.


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