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A NEW ARRA1ÜÉT ! l AM 0W OPKNINO 1OO C-A.SIE3S MENS AND BOYS' Boots and Shoes ! Ladies', Miases' and Children's Boots, Shoea and Slippersriiogc goods have Jnat been purchasod of flrst Imnds, and as I hnve no cxpuime oí RENT and rívo my entire pernonal altentimi tu tho biieiut'üs, I hope to Compete Successfully with II en gaged lu the A. D. SEYLER, IV. a XortU .Tlniu s t. Ann Arbor, Au. 8, 1BT2. lMDmS FIBST NEW GOODS IN MARKET, AT FlñILEY LEWES' TUE Flnest, Largest and Most Complete Stock of Fine GoodV for Liulies, Misses and Cliildrcn, at FINLET and LEWIS' Burt's Fino Calf lioots at Flnley & Lewis, and at NO OTHER Place in Town. The Best Kip and Stoga Boots in Town at FIN LEY & LEWIS'. The Host Boys' Boots at FIS LEY & LEWIS'. Tbc Stock wliich hbonght fot rAHTIcanbe old atbcttcr prleea tlmn thoso bounhtON TIME. Finley & Lewis BÜY FOR O A.SH ! aud eau :! thelr goode at l'Alll l'IUCKS. l3S(ti. NEWBOOT&SHÖE STORE! At So, 8 South Main Street. TIn ondefflfned tafres jíleasurc in announrin;; to the cttiEGDB of Ann Arbin aní viclníty tluit h han opened ■ new baslneïa plöeei where hc wül keep cuuetamly uü hand u full unjortrauul ol BOOTS $c SHOES And everything in that ine, WHIOH WI-LL RE BOT.D AS LOW AS L'ÜSSIBLE. Repairing I)one Neatly and Promptly. t5 Picase give me a cali. L. GKimER. Ann Arbor, Ai, 2, isï-i. l!8ítl LOVEJOY, TOBACCONIST ! Doals in both FINE CUT AND SMOKING TOBACCO, Snuif, Pipes, &c, AT NO. 7 EAST HURÓN STREET, Next to the Express Office, AX AltBOR, .IIK'II. 1345tf FLOXJR." 8RAHAH FLOUR, BÜCKWHEAT FLOUR, l'ÜUN MBAL, FEE OF ALL KIM)S. Aïlthenboveartlclesure warranted to have no Htjpcriorin market Foraule at Partridge's Flouiïng MillsN. B.- Grieting done at shuri notlce. HURRY UP ! IIAUTIEÜ vrlthlng Will Cnpnr.Hhadoe Hollands, Window FlztBres, Cod, Tauels, &c , nll New Style t. Sntisfnctorj i, i s-, n. Wabster a j., l)ookSturu,nar Ihe K.tpicaB Ollkc.J GotoR.W.ELLIS& CO'e for strictly Pure Drugs and Modi cine e ,Paint s ,Oils ,&c . yyiVI. WACÑEK IS HOW REAOYiFOR THE 8EIIN TBADE Hnvlng Koccivo(laLargeStotk"f 8PRIKG AND 11 GOODS, 1NCLUDING OLOIHS, CASSIMERES, VESTINGS, &C. of the J3EST STYLES acd GUALITIES WHIOH HE W1LI. MANUFA CIÜSE on tcrnis to sult; Also a full line of KEADY-MADE OLOTHING AND Gents' FUKNISHIEG Goods. 3BE333n? OTITIjIïIi ALSO LAMB8' AND GENTS' MOROCCO SAÏCHELS No.21 SoathMain Street,- EnstSIdei OALL AND SEE THEM. wncun AVAGNEit. Ann Arbor, Alrll lbt, 18Tlt. 8 i Z i H O . 9 % flü! H HS si R Üi íh 1 R K : J P ■ Z o 5 o X ;A. í CQg .S Ü 3 . . ra w d t foO P 5 cqío u n, cj ü 3 ? L CV O H Í TAMBS McMAIION, u Justicc of the Pcace, Offlco in ncw block, ïforth of Court IIousc Money colkctíd ntid promptly paid over. INSÜKANCK AGENT. Triumph, asuele, .íT-'T.í NorlS Missouri, " B43,417.01 liiburuiii, " 33U,ü0U.0U ïTlCAZi K9TATK. I have 80 acrf land 'i of a mle from thecltj imils, Ilimly looatod for fruit or garden purpotu-K. Ateo 40 acres. Also 10 tiercé, with li'tusc; and lmrn, and a Hvcly Hfrt'iun of runiiiiii; through the barn yard. : 00 acres, a mllc out. 1 will Hfll any or all the above cheap, or exchangr for city properly. 1-7 1 JAMES McMAHON. T ) ÖÏÏJLED LAGER] ALE 1NÜ POKTER, Put up in Tints and Quarts for Family use. ALSO BY THE KEG. t& Ordor left nt Letter "o.'s I)ni;f Store ivill bc promptly rilln!. HILL & CHAPÍN. Ann Arbor. May 2-, J8J2. :376tf Finest Assortment of Toilet Goods in the City,by j,] IJ. GIDLEY, Saccesaor to OOLGHOVB L SON. ■ DRtGGÏST Al CflEMIST IN COOK'S NEW HOTEL, Ko. 12 E. HÜRON STREET, DEALER IN DRtfcS, HEiriES, SDBGICAL IliHTRUnEITfi PUBE WI2IE8 1D LIQl'OftS, tFGR UEDIOAL PÜSPO9BS ONLY.) Fiincy Goods, Pcrftimcry, l'AIXXS, OII.N, VAKJIISJIES, ;ï,ASS, AXD PITIÏ, liliMiüSIS rftLSt'Hli liUAiS Carofallj compoonded at all hotffg, I PEOPO?E NOT TO BE UNLESSOLD BY ANY FIRM IJÍ THE CITY WHOFURNISH AS GOOD AN A5.TICLE. e. a. aiBL.nii. 186Ttf 3. Wai.kkk, ProprUlor. K. II. McDomal ' wtaa k ten ''■■ . ■ ■■! ■: Couunc itrñtTN. V. MIL M ONS Bear Tottlmony tu ibelt ,, WoitdcrTul ('m Salive KIlrctM. They are KOt Q vllfl I'iincy lïiinK, Made uf Foor Ram, WhïsUty, Prooi Spiritu and ltcfuso I-.ifjiiois durtoicil, aplced and Bweetened tople i ctUled "Tonica," "Appctlzera." l'llestorerst"&o.1 that icütl thotlppleroxitodruiikonnessiuidruin,bataM atrueliedtcii ■ [tootsandllorba of California, I'rco froin uil Alcofa o tic Stiiiiulaut. XhoyorotlioCiKEAT tllAKH ri'UlFIEttnnd A Kil K IÏIV1NCJ PK IN( 1 PI,Ef o perfect Itenovator aiui Invlgorntor of the Byatem, carrylngofl all poisonous matter and restoring theblood tu a healtby ooiiditioiu No iierson can takt tlieao Bitten Booordtng to dlreotlona anï remain long unwoiJ, provideil tlieir buncs nre nut dsstroyod by mineral Ijuisunor othcr nicaus, und the vitul üiaiia wosted beyond thepolntof repuir. Th o y ii re a Gentío PursntlToaa woll nsa Tonic, ., Lite pcoaHw mertt of acUH0 na a power ful agent in relfovtïiR Cuiigestion or Inllauiniution of the Livor, and all the Visceral Organs. FOK FEMAl.E í:0H1M,AINTS, Inyoanffor oíd, nuirricd or bÍiikIo, ni UieduwnoC ivouianhooU orat Uia i üi n ol Hfd i ■ ■ Toiüc Bitters bave 110 ctiiml. Foi' InlI.iuniKiiory nnd CUroulO IthcuirintlmH :tml dout] lsrspopaln or IufHvestlou Bllloni Ui: mi 11 rut atld I iHfrmit Uut Kcwovuj Dliien bom of Hu? Illood, LI ver, iüííncy and Illudder, these Bitters have been most Mncli Dlseases ara canscd by Vitiated iil4:, uerally produccUby deiaiigomenft of the [lgCMtlve Oijhh-. IJVSPtrsiA tlll INDIGESTIÓN. Uoadocbe. Pain tu Üio Slioaldera, Uonjrlis, Tlybtoeu of tho Cliest, Dóziness, .n;r Bructatlona of the Htoiiüicli, Bad Toste n ;!ic MoutbtBHIotuAttaclw, l'alpitttlou ol the Beart, Ioflamoiatioo of tbo ïjiiurt. Pain fotbeie; uit Ivklneys. au' :: buiulred othc-r painful Bymplums, are tbo ofisprínii of lripepgla. Tücy invlfforato tbe Stomi i alata tbc tonml Liver anj lio. . . i tbani v( anequalled i iiji-t v in cloansinfi the Lluml of al] Unparltleft, aud iuipartlnx hl'w lifo &n t vi.vor to the vbolosTBtom. FOILHKIXUIHEAtlE Totter, Salt Rbcuin, Blotcües, Spota, l'loiples, l'uatules. Jiuils, ('crbuncles, Kins-Wonns. Seald Uoad. Sora Kyai iCrTsicxw las. Il.'li. .-.-.:r! .1)1 Ol. --Mld o' ö .ol "batv?r nanie or iwtrfrê. are lluralh dne upnnd rarrled out ertbeayatam In short tbe ue ot Ui ■ ■ - . ittle In mcb cases wil] couviuco IIjü most iucriMLiuuaufUicir cura tivc bilccts. Cleaosa the Vitlated Bloo i nbamrer yoo fmJ its impuritics buroting tbrooshtbe e',.'m in rimplea, Kruptions or BoroBi vhca you find t obstructed nnd slusgisli m tbo I . ilwlicn t Igfoal, and your faelloga vti'.l teil jou when. Keep the l.luod lurr., and the baalth of tilo mtOBI Irlll follow. l'iii, Tiipc, mul othcr Vorms, lurkincin tho ■ytti m of su raanj ihooBacds, nrc offectuall; destroj-eJ nii'l removed. : h, .1 pbrsiolocJat, ei !v an Individual upon the lace oftbe nes af wonns. It u not upou ïlic healtby -Li-ru.-nt of tho body that worm eilst. bul m tb diavaaed bumora und sliiiiy depoi . i tbase llvinir mouten of of Medicine, no vermifu aiitlielmintics ill freg tho tystfln froiu wul'ius lite these Bitters. J. WALKEtt, Proprlotor. R. TI. MoDONALD d: CO, Drugfista au.i Un. Acents. Ban Francisco. California, auJ 32 and 3i Oommarce .ir. , ;. New Yurk. uaraoLD by ll dbuuoibts í)Lalkr3. [DR.CROOKfSWlÑEOFTAlT usk 10 YEABS gfêk -OP A2 PUBLIC TEST Rffir - U:ls provcd & Ir. Oooli's '■JBWTS iaHM mm, _ TÜE ' ;To Iiavo more 'SSrSJgJM BK similar prepara iiie public. ' Tt i ridi in the uicilioinnl OaalltiesofTar, and uoeqaaled lor dlseaaea of the ThiH!it and lililíes, performing the most reiuark able cures. Coughs, Cohls, '■ Chronic Couglu. ItefTeclnally cures t!icm all. Astliuia nml Bronchitis. , . Has carecí so many casos it hfts been proOz DouDced a Bpecifiá íot these oom pluinti. 'or pains iu Lreast, Sido or Back, Gravol or Kidncy Piscase, Diseascs of the Urinary Organs, . Jauudicü or any Li ver 1 " Complaint, It lias no equal. It is also a superior Tonic, Restores tho Appetite, Strcngtliens the System, liestorcs the Weak and Debilitated, Causes the Food to Digest, Keinoves Dyspepsla and Indigestión, PrerentsMalarions Fevers, (jjivestono to jour tíystero. X X HÜRRY UP i 1 AUTIKK wlflblDg Wnïi Paper, Olotti und Paper Shadcs. Uoltauds, Wlndow Pfxtures, t .s. .fci-., .-i'i N'j .v stvr A Ca., líjok tiuíc-, uttar tho SxprB Oüito. X -X pfiOPLE'S DllUG SÏOx.i R. W.ELLIS& CO. JTStJSI ABBOa


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