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T Q. A, SLSSIOS' ■ ) INSURANCE AGENCY. Hls Coinpanies Are Sound. pHCENIX INSURANCE CO., 1ÍAKTFOKD, CONN. CAPITAL AND ASSETS.July 1,1871. ...1,781,000 C'IIICAÜO J.OSSËS 750,000 tui; i'inr-vix is ttac bent conducted Firc liisuraiirc Compiiny in the United States. Alwuy prudent umi sumid, nul .Uivajs prompt in pi ment of loases. INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE CO., NEW YORK CITY. The ilrst Oomimny to pnps the ordcnl of tbI7W York Inraranca Oommlutonera sluccthc Chicago Flre, coming out from thesevcro test TRIÜMPHANT ! Associated Press Dispatch, November 2, 1S71, TIIl: INTEBNATIÓNAHN8UKANCE COMI'A.NY. The8nperintenden( of the Ne 7ok State Insnranoc D ipartment, wholomaking acarefol offloinl esamlDatlon of the New York City Compmiicn , certifles thstthe International Coinpanya nssetsof l;S09,000 ;ire oen); InVeated, and it capital oí 1600,000, alter proTialug forall llablllUss, Indudlngtbe Chica" flre, is wholly anlmpatred. ThlsCompanyispayingallltsOtilcagoIosBei nnd iseomxl .mrl'c. Folíeles luuedat fhlr ratee at my office, No. 11 East fiaron Street, Aun Arbor, J. q. A. SESSIONS, Agent. 1347tf. QIOBIOUSNEWS FOR ALL CREATION! E. J. JQHSMSON, " THE n ü -A. X T E II ! HAS RECEIVED HIS SPRING STOCK AND STYLES OJB1 Ilats, Caps & Straw Goods, E!TS' FtBMSUIXG t.OOÖS, ETC, VV1IICH HE PROPOSES TOSEU. AT PlilCES WIIICII DEFY COMFETITION. 7 South Main St., Ann Arboi. Q L-FACËT Keops on hand a first class stock OF CÏGAR3, TOBACCO, PIPEÖ, SNUFF And all smokers articlcs AT THE OLD STAND 2 doors Twest of Cook's Hotel at the sign 1382:nü' Estáte of Eleazer Darrow. STATE Oï MICHIGAN, C'onnty of ■WaahteoftW, sa. Noüccis hereby giren, thftl i-y au oider of th Probate Court tor the County of Washtonow, mida on iliu thirJ &aj of August, A. I). is:?, ?i. mntiths i'iimi thai datewére allowêd tot cñditon tö present thoir claima ngainst the eslnte oi ÜEleazer DarroWi late t" sti.l county, deoeo !, andthat all creditoïs of Bnid docoased are required to present theix claima te Probate Court, at Ui Probate i ' ■ . Ann Aibor, for examination Bnd allowanooi on (r before the Ihird day of Pebraary next, aadihat rooh clütnm will be )ir::rI before safd Probate Cotutp i;i Baturday, ilir saeond flay of November, and on Friday, tbe tliizd day of I a.y n t, ut ten oY-lürk in the loi'enoon of eöcb uf ys. ' Dated, Aun Arbor, August Sd 1872. HIKAMJ. BE ' 13S7v4 Jltdge of I'vobiitc. Gommisaioners' Notice. qrATB OJP MICHIGAN, eounty of Washtenaw, s, O The aaderaignedj ba ving boen appointed by the Probate Goiirt for said eounfcy, Commissionen to nuiminei and adiuat ;iil claims and demanda ui' all persons asainsl th.' estafa oj Joseph Soward, Lid oounty, d ■ nat Uhereby give noticethat lts montbe from date ore allowed, bv ■ i said Probate Court, tol creditorsto present uieirolaima againnt I lii osl ite of said deoeused, and fcbai they w il) meet at the offloeof Exra Jones, in .the village of BaUne, in Boid county( oa Saturdajr, the sixteenth day of bar, and on Baturdav tli fifteenth day ol P brunry next, al n o'clock . m. of e ich of said duya, Ive, examino, and nljusi said claims, lialcd August 15th, A. i). 1S72. j-;. hogers, AI ■'.■ 13ï8 ( onimiswioncra. Coinmissioñerüj' Notice. CJTATEOP aiOAN.ooant] of Washtenaw, V, O The undorsigned, having been appointed bythe Probatfi Court fbr said oonnty, Comnuaaionpm toroiviw, examine and adjoat all jaima and demanda of aQ pi nona against tne estáte oí Patriok MeMahon, late of BAld ooonty, deoeatied, herebv tri 't■ notfc e thal r montha from date are auofra by order of said Probate Court for oreditore to present their claima Eigalnst the estáte ol - I ftujad ú,:t theyviU i the store of Jol in danoy, Ut the city ot'Ann Arbor, in Baidoounty on Batnzday, the nineteenthday ofüctülxT. .ui-I nn WmIm. ■■:.!, th' I. ui-ui y nintlt day of January next, at ten o'olock a. u. óf each of -iiil days, to inrivt', eztunJne, and adjufit said cliii;is. Dutod.July S9th. A. D. 1872. WILLIAM K. McINTTBE. M10HAJEL( L.wrv. 1388 GommiasionecB. DON'T FORCEÏ Thíit the Pftlrent, Squarest, and beat place la Aun Arbor to boy i'urv Drn?8 and Medicine) Wlnea and Ijquuiíí, fur Medicina] EHirpwWfl! PA1NTS, OILS, VARNISHES, BRUSHES, &C, IS Aï B. W. ELLIS & COS. Corner Opposltfl thu Sftrlnga Ii;iiik. call -A-isriD Esr-ivriisrE Oor Pflrnutnent Col tt, tor uatgldeor Inslde patnl i;i:.'. [aftnnflictared rrm Puro VFh!t6 r.i-.-ul iin-, and Ltnseod 011, Chvipor and battér than any othcr H:ii:it ni i Bold I ) y 1 1 1 ■ cillin, keg, or barrul. l80Pnra Whlta il. Zinc, 4 : '.ictory I] R NA 1J-: AM) PI lOB. II. W. EI.LIS A CO. PUYSIC1AKSPRÜCRIPTIOKS lOCCRA.ELY A NU j C AREFULLY PREPABED R.W.BLLJEéfOÜ.iVBWOOISTS. Mortgage Foreoloeui Dr, l'Al ! Lï baviüg beon made in the i tudiüon oí n mort ■ ■ Llt4 I by John Üfl Jlark Sü . date the fourih diiy of 5Í D, ei -liti-iü hundred nul aixty-cight, and recor the otltce ol i Wotfatenair Ctounty, I liberthirty■M) bunured and fcwenty-ix. on th beentfa dtiy of June, A. I). oighteen handred Eind i Leven ana a half o dock . ir., an I th ■ intaiood ni urid i iperative by reason of bui b di : tul toree hundred and eighty-six dollura andthfri flato of thisnoti apal andinten reaaona] I dorare ofsaid mort' i ".-. :ji'i m )uit ox pro edings ni law having boen [netitutedto recom r the debí w cured bysnid m or any par) tbereoi Notioo i heroby piven, toftl said mortgoue wiu bo I ■ a salé Df tbe mortoaffed landsand pn i íbed and nereinaftex uentioii rteentb day of ■■ nounai theeoutii door of tl the city of A ii ii Arbor, that being1 the place oi holding ÜieCii cuitCourl toi : I idmort, r. mii-os bo to be sold, b) nrlue ï tho p aafollom; " ! ; land sitúate in the towniibip of : iu ; he i o ml j oi i :iw and hi ;.".tn, boandod and dcscribed ai belbg the northwast qnarter of the northeaatquarterol soction aumbor thirty-Mtownship number föu (4) south of range number ining forty acres oí' láud bc Die Mznfl mop or )■ í . Dated, Auu Arlur, June löth, 1872. OLAKE ttL'Xi'uX, Slorteagee. TTtbam j. t; Attorncy for Mortgagce. 137Í) Mortgage Sale. W HERBAS Wüliam -I. DuDning, of York, Waahtcnuw Cuui.ty, Michigan, od the27th day oJ April, A. ]t. 1870, OTecuted b mi i James, of Williamsburgh, Uh the paymeut of eertaiu principal and ínter ■ i therein mentioned, whioh murtga wat ■wity uf Waahtenaw and Htiitoof Michigan, on theSOth day of April, A. 1) 1870, uid duy, in i.iini 12 oi ïjn'i-t.i; ■■-,, onpuge3b3, and whereaa default has been mi I wenty du y a ín ■ tncnl of ;in installj ey vbich becama cm the 7tli day o] 1872, by reason whte f and pursuahi to the t l in' !■; ;: i ;■, ..1 ;.. . ets ili;it BO UlUCh Ol ., with uil arrettrage :. reon, ghoU b ■ ■ ible immeditttely ; and whereaa, ihereia claímed tobe dm and unpaidoi thedate of tbia notice the aura oi twelve hundted andeighty-fl ■ dollarsfor ptfncipal and iuWreet, alwan attorney'i - of thiri ahonla a Ungí i ■- taken to fon ■ I mortgage. and no suit or proooedinga hare been Infttituted either in l.iw or equity to recover the any part th n . y given : Saturday, thotlíth day ol Ootober next, ut n, ii! the Bouth door of th Oouri House In the City of Ann Arbor [being tin building in which the Circuit Court forthecounty oi Washtcnav and State aforesaid ie he]d),andby vix tntained in aaid mortgage I shall seU ut public anctioo to the highest bidder uu m s;i mortgage, tosatiaiy th amount of principal and ii olaimed to be due, witli ti. i ui thirfcy dolbirs and of Milt-, to wil : All I bat oerl ain piece or paroel of land iti;iit' in York, Washtenav Countj and state ut' Klichigan, anddéaonbed aafoUows, U v, ii : The easi hall ol the Boutiliwest qutfrte tion number eight, in townsbip number tuur ; ol nuy ■ . 8J eaat ogteeable io tbe ' ment bh Iiled July 12, 1872. HENEY r,. JAME8, Mortgagec. John N". Gott, Attoruey for Uortgagee. Real Estáte for Bale. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, oounti of Waahtenaw, sa 0 In the matter of the i il: Notioe is herebj iñv.-n. tbatin purauana it an order gronted to th und i itristratoi ui the estáte ol &aid deceased, by the Son. Probate for the oounty of Wanhtenaw, mi tlu tw n ty-second day of July. A. I public rendu . [hesl biddur, ui the dwellinghouse on !"■ premises norelnnj ■ I. in t ín, county of V;i-hu i.uu. in ;ii'l Btate, uu Wednesday the elghteenth day of September, A. I. 1S72, m t:i -. in the foreaoon of Chat day [subject t all encumbraneee by mortgsge or otherwue exisl in time ol d), tw folloi scribed real estáte, ; wit I I of thea lulhlon twenty-thtee in townshlponi Boath ui' range h eaat, ia aaid State, contaiuing oightj : . leen. Alaoa parool of land deí as oommencing at the quartei '■■- twÉnty-two and twentj -ihree, urne I iiinl r;uvjc, :ir; rnnnniu' BRI on Baid 'juirit-t1 lint: te ;i .-urn ]H.r.:, th( in ' aorth on saidline twen ty-fourrods, thencewesi to said section line eiphty Booth twenty-four rode u Uk place ot ber, contaíníng tweíve aeree oí" land, 3 tium tut . .! froni :tiil CorneEun Latighlin aríd ÍTÍe, under date of Decbmbei ath, L853, to Jame Kennedy, v, i recorded in liber 60 of deedn, on i'-nre 5i)7, is the : the Refristei oJ Deedg ia said ooonty. Dated,July 22d, A. Ii 1872. WrLLlAM BtJRKB, Administrator. Real Ëatato for Sale. QTATEOP MICHIGAN, Oounty of waahtenaw sa IO In the nwtter ol I ol Caroline D. Freei - nvi n, in ponuanoe oí an order granted tothe ondenigned, Adnuiiistrator of the estáte ol said dei ased, by theHon. Ji l'ijb;ito for the oounty of Washtenaw. on the flfuiyoi'July, A. D. 2, thcre vill 1public vendue, tothe high ■: the bridge oorni r ut the land hei ed in the Oount) oi Waahtenaw in said State, on Tuesdaj the bwenty-fourthday of öeptember, A. D isr-_'. ;it one o'clock in the afternoon of Üial day [áubjecf Co all encombrancea bymortgage or othennse existlie time ui' the death of said deceased,) the foïlomngdeHCribed Real Esl ;■(:,■ we1 half of the Buuth i'. quarter of section thirtj ip threa south of i .itaining oighty : n lera in naid state. DatcJ, August Öth ..1. ■ ALVA FREKR 13 Administrator. Estáte of Edward Byan. HTATKOl-'MJ' lli'i.W.i ounty of Waahtenaw, m Ata seesionofthe Probate Oouri for the County f Washtonaw, b Pivbato ( office, in the City 1 Ani Arbor, nu Thiuraday, the flfteonth day ui ugust, in ti.; year iü khousand cight lmmlrt-t.rauil ■■ V)i. i HJram J. B .;t Probate. In tlic matter oi' the estáte of Edward Byan, d. On reading aad ftSing the petition, duly rerifled, oí Cartin Ií, praylng tha1 a oertain instrument now 1 file in rliis couri purporting n be the Last will and I ui.iy Ik1 adnitted to pro ■ ite, and that lic muy bo appointed solo eiccutor rhereupon i' isordi rod,that ïfondayetirenty-thüd ay of September m xt,al ten oclpck in the íí i teasaignëdfdr'thj hearing of aaid petition, .nd that the . de visees and heiraal law of eaid ■ 1 o-th'.T persons tnteresti ñ in s;-il etttate, are required appi est al n seaaion -i said öoui t, then to be holdsn. itho Probate Offloe, in the Ctty of Ann Arbor, and .: -;'. ii any there be, why the prayer of the tetitioner anottld not be vranted: And it is furthei ■ :■ i ' [, that uaid petitioner gi ■ he perma interested in said estáte, of the ■ lid petition, and tin hearing thereof, by oausing a ipy of tlii-s order to hv published ia the Michigan rgttty a I and oirculatrac ir. siud nanty, three soeeeBttvv weeka prl I day of teannir (Atruocopy.) HIKAM J. BEAKES, 1389 Judgcof rrobate. Estáte of Bachael McCormick. QTATK OP MICHIGAN, oounty of WashteDaw, B?, At fi seaaicfn oí' the Probate ' ouirt for th uotrnty rWaahtenaw, holden at Kbe Probate Office, in the tyoi Ann Arbor, un Tu day, thetwenty-áeventhday August in the year one thousandeght humlreJ im Boventy two. Present, Hiram J. Beakes, Jtidge of Probate. In the matter of tho estáte ot' Llaohael MoCormiek, deceased. Oa roading and filing the petition, duly verilll, of John Mei lormick, praying thai uaaó Wynktíp or some other suitable parson may be appointed ad minidtrator oi the i-:iii' of said dtceaaed. Thereupon ii ís ordered,thal Mnii.iuy.fh. twenty-third day of September next,at teno'elock In the f orenoon be aasigned for the hearing of ■.-, and that the hetra at law of said and all other persons intereated in said eatate, ure required to appear at a seesion i' said covrt, then to bo boldi ii, .jt the Probi oity.oj on Arbor, and show cause, í any there u-, why the prayer of the petitioner sbould nol be granted: Aad ii i l'urthi r ordered that Baid petdtioner give notice tu the . persons intereated in tuda estáte, oí the pendency ol saM petition, and the hearing thereof, by oausing a oopyofthis order to be published in tne Michigan , Argtui a newapaper printed and ciroulating insai oounty, three suocessiTQ ireeka pzerious to Bind day of hearing. (A truc-copy,) ItïRAM J. BEAKE8, IZSé Jutïye oi' l'robate Estáte oL Lo vi lHshop. STATEOF MICHIGAN .Goont; ol Wasbtenaw.s At )i gesalon t' the Probati Couri for tho Count; ol WushU'imw. hnltli'ii at tbe rrnbiiio Olllce, in the City of Ai. Aibur , on Frlday, the Liutl tl'iy oi Augwt, la the ye&r oue tüODsancl hundredand ecventy two. Present il iraní .i . Beakee,Jndge r Pnïinte In ilio inaiu-r of t hu Ltiatu of Leví líishop deceased JestfQ s. Boyden; Admfnlelral r f saïd estáte comeo UttoConrl and repreeents thal he now pre pared to remk-r llnul accoaut u such A dm iu Ut rator Therenpon II !s Ordered. thai Taesday, tho ven teenth (];iy of September nexl üt te o o 'cl ckiu th forenoou, beassigued tur exammlng mkí .-tllowiitg snefa account, and i bat the helrs atlaw ofsalcl d cd, and ;ill otherpersoueiotereEiicd Lnaald itate,ar reouired u Rppear al .. '.-'. o t, t; en i 06 nolden at tbe Probate Ofllce, in the Cliy of Ann Arbor, In satdCounty.and ihow caue, tf any there be,why the said accoani Bhould not beaflowed And U Is furthcr ordered that eald Admlnltratoi glve noties to the persons interested i sald estáte, "■fi ir pendency ofaatd nocoaot, oud the hearing hereof. by cansinfi; a copj of thts order to pnbHshedtDthe Michigan A rgus ?t newspsper prlnttd aml ctrcalatlDg in s-ini Connty, three successlve weeks preViona tu s;iiddii of hearing, Ca truccopy.) 1IIJ{.M J. BE AKER, 1883 Jndge of Probate, Estáte oí' Alphous Wooster, QTATEOP MCHÍQAN.Coant; oí Washtenaw, ss o Al a eanlon of the Probate Coarl fortheCouutj of W'íi-lircn.-íw, holden al the Probate office !n the city uf Au n Arliur, on W-(hM-.-d:iv. the fourteenth dtiy ui' August, In the year ouc tüOQSftnd elghl huudre ; and seventy-twn, Present, Qlram J. B6ak6a,Jadffe if Probate. in the matter ofthe ostateoï Alphuus booster, (lci-'i'UM'd. Willi'im Duocan, Admiolstrator of sald ■ tuto Conrl and represeuti that hv ij aow prepared t rentfez hia anal account djs such Ad ministrator. Thereupon it is Ordered, thal Tuceday, í he Bevontoentfa dayofSepteml □ o'cfoclt tn the Cbrenoon. be aaslsóed Por oxamlnlnx and ftllow , ■ oddi, and that th' hölrs a( b.u oi i-M t' i decenaed, and allother persous interested tu -vtid eatatvi art' requird Conrti then (obe holden Hl the the City of Ann iiisc ifiiuy t here bet why the said i conni shonld nol bc allowed : And it i? furihiT ordored, i!:..t sald-AdmiuUtratorEvc notlcc to tnepersouflutervatcdfn Bald t;i t. of the pendencv of satüttceount.aud the Uccftug thereof, by a copy ofthls ordet tóbe pablihedln tlie '. .: newspapvrprlutcuiuidci cnlating 1 r.nity. thri'c saccoaslve weeks prevloua to eaild:;y f hoartnff. CAtrtM CDpy.j H1RAW J. 1 JiiJixt1 of Pfobate. T IVE GSESE FEATiliiRS PIRSTQUALITT , tcueiaïtliDKiKiui.' Midroraait by B AGÍ! ff ABEL, Estáte of Silus Whitmar„h """ QTATEOF MICTIIOAN ni, ., ,,. ' i Ai a seaiion ,,r tho Fr,,l„t. ( L„ , '"''tt-n ,. KAVart.tonjw.hoUcnat ti ' Sj ,t August, n Ihe ycr one öusandiili.'1 nt, iliruin J. Hi-.-ik,,;., .I,„l„,., fI1 ""tí Onieadiogand Blintr tho i.(h, '"i William II. VVhitmarsS prav,,,. . ,V' v. Á luw, a ïrt ,.!" tete may be aesigned to hcr ' '" aid ."I ThiTi-u]ion it is otdered, tbat -j , ■ Z t,',,: ."r':ilr, ti. k. i Probote OtUc,, ,„ tho ("„' "" k-JdSijS : And uJ'&ï'ttoSSï Estáte of Ebenczer Au- Pro mi ffinm .7. BtokM-Jndeeon Ii. tl,,, matter U.o EstaU Tof ion, mav „ V VW.SÏ I f "" 01 tKtaMffiiï 5 " " orde-red that TuS.,6!.1 ■ ■"■ th, .).,:,ri i 'tt, othei perwns intc-resu d in . " Míj; in the et, of . k3 ■ . use, ii any thete l„. wLn,„A"" L I' t:n"! be irrantcd A, Iir;i!""l ■ regtdinsai tbs n. and the hearing thcreof yn ' u 'li"hed ui, ; i wook8prc.viouatf8idgj (Atruecopy.) UIltAM ., BEAKE., JuJSn'roW. S Estáte of William HAriiT - - At. on of the Probate "ourttoffiteí htenaw, holdpn at the i'n.i.-u , ,, rut City ..1 Ann Arbor, on Tm-Jwv st, in the'yearoneü arod iijjil Mventy-two. "uumho cightln. roftUeeatateTfWflCSí: adlngaadaUngthe petition. ,l„iy vPri James T, Auto, praying that Fie der IS?''' may be anL?' ■ lercd,thatM(indaTa.d . the heir a law of aid dceeoscl, au'l al ,' í" "! ion ot sa Conrt. tl,,., t„ i... i.S LI ".?" '' 3S3 Hfcfi !■!■■, „,,,.,„ Bafdday oí henrin (A hrooopy.) 11IÜAM .1. BSAKB "jWi Jnas ..■ Estáte of lioswell Moore. CTA-l' E OÍ' M [■ ■ 1 1 [( a v, , :omity „, w H Ö Al HHeatíouoi thc Probate 'Vurt L ,fc, rf WlldlUmaw, hui:,:, at .V l'rob.ta OffiS City oí Aun Arbor, oa Tnesey, t!,e tirmt r. ditl and 9Ovenfcy-two. Pnto ot, Jíir.un J. Beakes, Judge af Probnte 8eí1deOas5attO1OÍthe4tateoíB Oo readins and Blingthe wtitmn, duly verftW tUein tilia Court, purporting I, ín'x"'tl'u',.'',',i" thatahe lüí'-v ll-J aPPÓiateaLto Thi i-, upon it ia orderod, that Ifonday, the ij.ii I ten o'doík ii fti ta! noon, be assigned lor thc heuri. and that the Icgati : --in al Uí ofBald deeeused, .ud nll other pc-ixmn ateat. ed ni suid estáte, re tequuwj to pmkVi " A Baid Coiirt, tlwn to be betón, d I 'fiioe, m thc I ty of Aun Artor i3 tuse i! there be, wby thei petiUoner should ot lw Rianted: AnditistoUH ordi red, Biud petitionei gne uoüoetotte ptnctí nterested in auid catate, of the pendran r,f jj W!. tíon, and the hearing theteof, by cauinganT; Ibiísl.wl in tl wid circulating in ;iid 'cóiiitj ve wcc-ks prerious tosaiildi ■ (A truooopy.J uii.A.M.i. : , la8' Judie ot ft Bstato of Welles - minors QTATEOF MICHIGAN, County at V„Shtauw,ii l1 Al LM-Mi ol thc L'rountKl uuitfortiii ! the l'robati i-, mi Saturduy, ii. me thousund tight liuudrti ai ;.■ ' Til -: ,i. Present tliram J. Bcakcs, JudgeofProl In themiitkr of th el I . fcTlii, Vf. Welles, Mary F. VV'cUa ad I uinors. Silas 11. I estáte, eo to reuder hia third ai counl as m Theroupon it is 'ir,'.. ■ . ; .aj,iri tb ninthda; ■ rnext, ut teno'docliiiünimnooii, 1.. . . , : of i" "I - , :■: all otktr peraoua intereted in s.u.l . reqnired ia appear at :i aeasion i t, thestobe Uta dbate Office, in the City of Aun Albor, ai show cause, il ny therc bc, why the prayer f tbefe-1 [ranted: -ml ii'is lurtlwar-' id Riwriiiiin givc notkctotbcpencM lid estáte, of the pendency of sua fiti" Tion, umi the heimne thereof, by causingaoopjefmi order Ui be published in thc Michigan Argui, s Btnpapor printed iind ciroulatinir insaid Couuly, Ui to said day of 1 'py.) niiiAM.T. ]:, Judgeof PreWte, Estáte of Susan S. Welles. STATE OF MICHIGAN, ('ountyof Wsíhtftn,. Ar ;i m-m,.ii of the Probate Court for tbs CwilT of w aahtcnuw, holden ut the l'robutc Uffia of Ann Ai!, -.r, uu Saturday, the twenüeth daytií'iilli in the yeai uuo thuusuua tirht huudred wid t enty-tvo. ;. EEiramJ. Heuke?, .Tudpe of Protate. In the matter of the eutate of .Sus;ui S deoeaaed. slt. 11. Uouglussand Isaac ü.l' u-k tiu tors ot' tLe lust wil] and testament of s;iid dfarii' come intoCourt and represent thattbeyanMflM' pared to render their tiir account i roch exccuWi. Chereu] i: isordered, that Murniur, the niulk ,l;i ui (September next, it ten o'clock i: uoou, be ooigned fdr the hearing of aaid prfi and tlmt the Le , . - ■ !. .:- It Uw n said deeeaned, and all ii: u,:vrtrtrf o aaid estáte, u, required to appear at aaitao' -- - 1 1 1 i Court, tlt.-n t.( hcfldeïi at thr l'rola in il," ( tv of Ann Arbor, and show M why i he prnycr ol the petitionersl _ i . i r i : . .1 : And it is furthei ordered, tl:ilWcutorfive notice to the m. "i ik iceount. ;inl I theri of, l cauaiiif, acopy ol m di-r li lw pubn in the Uidiiqan h-jruA, i newjspaper printed WÍWJÍ iatinfrin ;. prcrMti (A true eopy.) lllüAM J. üOKEi. Judge of l"robe. Estáte of John C. Depew. OTATEOf MICHKiAN', i r Ata sessiou of the l'rubate Court fortheeoV' yVashtonuw, holden nt the Probate offlee. LrlKjr. uu Satuïilaj , the ■■ A Jiily, in tlit year une thousand eigM i]i,l aeventytwo. Preeent, EÏiiain -i . Bei kes, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte oí Jota C KI" On n udinpand Bhng thc petition, dnly verast Muy !■;. Depcw, lulnimistrnlrbi, praying yl , - ü.iill 3(:il (.state 1Ir ï' S:ii(i (il ■'■.!.-■ ■ . ,i Thereupou ir is "iiliivl. that Mondar, tnn' d:l)'üf Si-pli-lilli-rlii'.xl. ilt U'iw't be uwigncd for the hearing of üu 1" J and thut the heira ut law' of said .2!j .ii.i uil otlmr persons inieresteil in :1."1 rf are rr.l:ín il 11, 1sion of Sllid C0Wj"J Ji r, u the t'luluile CiHice, in tlie ■ ■ H C . li linj tl 'I " Wi Í 'ij i-titioiii-i slioiüd not ■■■ .-■ ; it is lurther ordercd, tht s:iil iH'tilii tlir niTN ii -;.,,! i - r : T - ■ . il tin it Kuid pet ition nnd the hearing tl; copfuf thisonJcito I ■ ■' -i i printeu and circu] ir auccesiiive weeks previoua ti .o-M lAtrnecotoy.l HIEAJI J. BEAK 1386 Judgeofli' Eetato of Ánsel A. Holcomb. S-TATEOFMICHIGAX, ('ountj ofWushtMi r. tur the i ' . hulden at the l'robate Oíticl;,"í ■!■■ of Ann il. .r. on 'l'humlny. the ug?J ilajoi ,lnl. in the year unu thomano !" dred !inl vontr-two. J'ivMin, EUraiu I. lVakr.-.JudKeof PretaUv. u the mtotter of the estáte of AnselA. """ tui 't linirainl Blinirtliepcf ilion, duly r: "L. Har} I.. Uol ■ i ib si il Jnmes Lawi tois, pmying thul ;!..■ ma) helieroacdi ' i" ' Thereupon it i ordered, th( Uonday, "" „t, 4y of September afxt.atteii o'cloek in _tfceJH , forthchr:iiinf,'ofsuid petat !.. i! - [Mjd.imiUll otb P"J2 il :i], ii-.iiiinl ";' '''H i lid l'ourt, tiitii to be hoM Vu Office, n Ihe city ol ■'■"" h, tH and sluw causo, i: ■ ! 'BJ iï pra}erol tbc peiitionershould net i'''-1"1111 _; t is furtl ' '".M,t Ihe penonsinterwtcd insuidestatc.ol !Sf . ütitiotl, and tlie hroavinp thcivof, l'v cl,.AiLart. publülicd in tM 'rjïi .■(.v;. n iiew-spujxr printl and '''"'""'"La W County, four auccewuvi tveeka pre%"ious tow ül' IllMllllL'. . ,! JSjOTIOE! The subscriben hnqestthcit ci-mmniid.'jS ara! thilijf, lr.un itvc huu'lred to Bvf !l"'" ,uiil lar lu limn on lir.-t .■,:.■! llrt eins" 'i"rl-'l-t.h-.f ' In the üo inty of Wnahieuaw,- time f".11 "puil flveycars. Term üh.-riO Office oppotW"! iiud ati . i. Lcll . Bli ;fc. n.;r.vl)siract Dook are lírev tO ilíílr. Ann rbor. Min 30, 1ST2. . r rlTEBMaoïw. root, ' noOTi' CUA8. -V. LKI1ER. GotoR.W.ELLlS&CO's 1 for choicoWinesandLiqnr' for Medical PurpoBOB . "I


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