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Sealing The Vow

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A correspondent of the New York Comr, writiug trom the Kound Lukeonmp meet : the following Btory : ÏAany pi p ia the ?amo tent here, bi trated hy partitions. As young Methodist tellows are thrown with pretty young ladies a good deal, it is not againut thoui that thoy sorae times iall in lovo. . night, they Bay, theygawthishapl, A young Methodidjt fellow trom Ballston hnd becorac quite interosted in a pretty daughter ot a religioos tartner. - Last night, wliilo a dozon cold hèarted t'iillows wcro trying to sloep, thcy wem continuallydisturbcdby thelovcr'sspoor.y talk, which they distinotly board througli the cotton cloth paitition. Tliey hoard Lítii say in a low, sweet adon voico, " Now, Caroline, doar, do let me Beul the vow - do !" James, I can not. What wonld my fütlur and mothcr sayV" replied n sweet, . oice. "B ut, Caroline. y ou hnve promisod to be mino - now let uaseal the vow - -lot us, do let ïïe - won't you 'i Co kiss me !" , James, I oannot, O, I cannot - " In si moment the tent partition p.-irtod and a big whiskered brother, who wanted to sleep, ehernted : " i'ur God's sake. Carrie, let Jiin w al thot vow. Ilo'll keep ub ftWftke all liiíílit f yau dou't." .'. wus öealed. When i i ig lady, who ü here i'rciu Cpogresa -it this sealing joke, Fl:e suid that " Jamo3 remindod her of oqM of the Congrega Halt tüllows - only ! ':-A to seal things before thore was r.nything to seal. 8ho P;iid Brown's boys down in New York got enI to young ladies just to seal tho vow, (i I ad sealed it all winter, thoy -vent off and got up another vow 1 ir; sh young lady. I told her that suoh bad young men ought not to be oonntennnced - "thot young lady should iet her faco against them." " Alas '" sho replied, " I have set my face ag.iinst thcm too tnuoh already. - Thoy will nover reform till we take our faces away from thora altogether."


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