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Sleep The Best Stimulant

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Trom. Hall's Journal nt' ITtmlth. Tho best possibltí thing for a man to do, when he teels too weak to carry it through, is to go to bed and sleop for a weck il' ho eau. This is the only recu)eration of brain power, tho only actuul enewiil of brain torco. Because, duriug sleep, the brain is in a sonso ot' rust, in a condition to receivo and appropria'o parióles ot' nutriment l'rora the blond whioh takes tho place of thoso which have buon oonsürtiedin provioua labor, ginco thevery act of thinking consumos, burns np Bolid virtiólos as every turn of tho wheel or scrow of tho splendid steaiuer is tho rebult of the oonsumption of tbe fuel in tho urnace. Tho supply of ccnsninod brain fmbstance can only be had trom the rniriuient. partióles in the blood which woro obtained from the food eaton previously, and the brain is so constituted that it can jest receive and appropriate to itself hoso nntriment partióles during the stnto of rest, of qniet, and of stillness in sleep. Alero stimulants snpply nothing in hemsolves - thcy oniy gud the brain, breo it to a greator consumption of its ubgtfinoe, until that substanco has boen so fully exliausted tliat there is not power enough left to reeoive a supply, just as men aro so noar deatli by thirst or starva ti on that thero is not power enough cft to swallow anything, and all is over. L'he incapacity of the bruin for receiving rcouperative partióles sometimos coinua on -vvith tho rapidity of a stroke of iightning, and tho man becomes raad in ftn 111stnut, loses cuse, and is an idiot. It was under cinuimstnncos of this sort, in the very raiddlo of a sentenoo of great oritiorioal power, one of the most eminent minda of th age forgot his idoaa, pressed li-s hand upon his lbreheud and utttïr a moment'e silence said, "God, as with a spoiige, has blotted out my mind." Be assured readers, " thero ia rost i'Or tlio weaiy " only in early andabundant sleep.


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