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What Gen. Banks Says

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The followiiig is au extract from a , speeoh of Gen. 3ankr, minia in Maine. He is perfeotly familiar with the '. oomings of the Grant Administration, [ and his testimouy ehould haye great wuight with the uiasses : Is there any neoessity of reform in the menti" You eau judge as well aa I. Evory man kuuw.i tor hiinself whother ho liües the pruvious acts of tho prosent adminittration. For myseli', 1 cuii sity I beliove, having miugkd maob with mi:ii oi Al neotiouB, thutjiiuu men out ot' ten ooudemn disapprove of that whieh in douu by our Govoïnracut ovtry day. I uecd bat point to imn inatar.cj as &n illutstration oi' that clase úf aots which are disapprovod of, Tho itwidemt, tho Grcuoral oi tUo ftiiny, the ofnoerg of tlie Cnbint't, all the high offioialBof Goveramsnt, at t'nt; very moment ot the adjouminent ot' Uonress, abaudoned the capital of tho country, ftnd siü at this time sojoumin in different eetiotii of the country, thousr.ndii of ir.hes avay, not upon auy (hity oonneoted vith the Admimsti&tion of luo country, hut eah bent only on h'.s own pleasuie. There never was such n. tbiug soen before, and I think it wiü nover be witnesstd agnin. [Crruat ápplause.] If it waa upon tíiis grouud alone, tlio Administration should be removed at the eloctiou in Novembor, by a ununimous consent of all the people and all footuiis; hut what olsR is there thr.t restrains men frota acting upon their jadgmentir 1 h&T already said we have no ïeiison to complain ot their dii"oront principies. Whtt i'lso is thero tbat should uiako uny of ua in this vast assembly, numbenii r.iauy thonsands- what olse is thfire that should malte auy one ot' UB hoBitatü to sugtain Greoloy and Brown (applause) and the principies of the Cincinnati Í I will teil you. They ay thut the suceons of thoso oandidateg will ru-e.itablish slavery ; that if Groeley is eleoted the rebel dobt will bu paid ; that the right of suifrage will bo taken frem the emancipated peoplo; that tho rebels wilL come into pover ; that we will have a uew war ; have to iigUt over again a!l tho ground which vp havo gaincd. Now, I say to you, that these declara tions are j made in tho way of bravado, uot oi son ; they are on apptml to your oowardice, if you have suoli a feeling as that, aud not to your intclligonoe. I say that thoso appeala ara without, the aiightoat foundation in reason or couimon sensa. If Mr. Grotiley is electtd, thoy Buy, the bvsineps of the country is to 1 o dostroyod, all its financial interestsaTe to bo weakened and ïmpaired. This is not true, aud 1 will give you tho r ■nhy it is not trne. Tho financial inturests of tUe oountry, all industïial inture3ts, depend upou peaco. in a state of war thoro oati be no saoccñsful, no prosperoua industry, no financial advance or hucces8. We have now poHtical divisiois in evory State in tho Union.. Here in Maine the partj' is sundered by the act 3 of tho Administración, and men aro driven from its support and compellod to act with othor partios in guppoit of a diítcTtr.t poiioy ox goyörnment, and as it Í3 in Maine, so in Massachusntts, oo in Missouri, so in Louisiiiua, eo in New Htiiiipshire, so in South Carolina, and indeed every ;jtate in the Union. Where is the bubuuitis innn thac on prodiot in any way the character of the business of tho country if these dissensions in the administraron p:irty shall continuo ? Every man íhat has a dollar or a mili or industíinl power of any kind must gee and feel that if thoGO divisions are to bo perpetnathd, the very basis of prosperoua industry is taken away. Look at the oondition of our reconstruoted Stntes. Ask yourselves how long the country can go on with one-htüi of the Union in the condition in which tboie Status now nre and have been ior several years past, sinca peaoo was established. Whst it that condition? Thó population divided upon considerations of racoi ; t.ho v 'uito race separate from tha black race, the bLiok race representad by the oarpot-baggers possossing the administrativo power- t'ie bayonet of tlio gen - eral iuovement holding them togotber, keeping them in placa against the wishes of one-half of the people of those States. Who can say how soon tho conditiou of tliings may chango ; hor soon the power of the governmeiit niay turn ovor to tho white inco r In the changing politica of the oountry the slightest accident may prodaoe this result. A iinuncial panic, n great crimo committed by a man in powpr - any oue of these things may produoe this recult, and the chunges that might follow would impyril all that we huvo l, tho n'lits and privileges of all tho classes that rest upon the rights that wo havo gaincd. Is this state of things a foundation for industry ? Is tt.ere a man thut owna a mili, or by humble toil Bupports a mother or sistor, that does not know that thero can be no permanent basis for suoceseiul industry upon any such stilte of things as this? Now we propose to chnngo all this. AVo will ioooneüe to eaoh other the differont clnssps of citiEene, the different races of mea. We will rcooncile them, harmonizo them, bring them to act togotlier, and thus gine universal peace iu piuco oí' universal disorder and anarcuy. We aslc you ii' thia has not besu the foundation oi' successfui industry ? Are you to lo LnlUed? ITnowIng what your heart and blood nre, knowing your charaoter in past times, knowing thecbaractar of tlicyoungmcu that represented you in the field whila k wm with you, I krow thut you will r.ot be bi llie l trom tho exorcist of your roa3on that God has given you. Arp you to bo bullied by men who havo no othcr interest thun to rota:n tho offiow thoy hold, the garaienta that come to them irom tho pockois of the peoplo ? If they hc.vo better atlvioo to giva you than 1 have, you ahould follow it, b;it you hnve yet to be the judge ; they have lio rig'nt to appeal to your i'eftrs. Now I hav this to eay agoinst tho administration - not that 1 condemn any man, separatoiy or individually, that i oonneoted with tho governmeut. I voted for thein all ; I s'.istained them all. 1 dul it becauso there was no ohoioo. If I had the power io dofoat tho Administratiön, 1 should brinp: tho opposite party into power, und I did not deuiro to do that ; but win n thoy havo deolared that ia regard to the great principios of the present moment they are with me, then tho situation is changed. I eay if it is necessury to seouro reform that that party fhould como itito power, I ay, in God'a narco let thtm come - (applausO)- and the i[u!cker the better, und the longer they stay in power, tho better it will be for the people ad tho government. But they don't ask thnt ; thc.y take the ma you yoursolves have follöwed for the last thirty-two years, since the great canvass of 1840 ; the man yon hre in Maine have fo)kW4d most unliesitatingly ; wheeo j journal you have read, whoee idons you have accepted more than thoso of uny other man. They take this man tbat j-ou yourselves havo uominated, and the}' say i " If you will sustain him, we will give him our votes that we may bring nbout the reform that all classes of the people dasire." When has there been a more ■nnhïious aotiou than thtit ? I oanno%refrain from oxpressing my seutimeuts ot' respeot and houor to thej;i for that action. I should be ashamed i country and my countrymen - I should shrink from rtcoguiiing Uovublicr.ns as men if I tliought that hy an appoal to their foars thoy could be drivou trom tho uppoit of their own nitin simply beoauso thoao mou hod algo tho nuppurt of tho Domortg, whioh ia as nocüisory now oa iu the war.


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