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Pursuant to notice the Democratie and Liberal County Convoutions were held in thia city on Tuesday, and the work for wliioh they were called, the noinination of a county tickot, performed. The Democratie Convention was a large one, evory town and ward having a full delegatiou ; and the delegates were representativo men, and ia appearance and spirit gave evidence that they moant business. Aa we havo not heon furnished the proceodings, and wero necessarily absent from the Courfc House during the largor portion of tho session of tho Demoeratio Convontion, wo must content ourself for this week with atating rosults. The Convention was organizad at 11 o'olook A. m., by calling Dr. C. F. AsnLBT, of Tpsilanti, to the ohair and appointing F. Winegar, of Ann Arbor, Secretary. Committeer on credentials and permanent organization, and on order of business were appointcd, and a recesa taken to 1} o'clock r. IC. Meeting at tho hour of adjournmont, iho Committee on Credentials reported list of delegates, whioh was aceepted and adoptnd ; also, as permanent officers : President - Du. 8. II . Dougi.ass, of Ann Arbor. 8eeretary-E. F. Uní, of Ypsilanti. Which report was adopted. The Committee on Order of Business reported, recommending the order of nominatiug candidates, which was agreed to. On motion of P. C. MuitRAY, of Salem, a (Jommittoe of Conference with the Liberal Itepublican Convontion was appointed, which after a short absence reported, recommending the admission to the Democratie Convention of one delégate from each town and ward in the county, with tho game righta and privilegos as the Demooratio delegates. On motion of E. F. Urn,, and after considorable discusiion, the report was amended, limiting the Liberal Eepublican Delogates to the towns and wards in which they resided, and as amended adopted, and the oh airman of the ooamiittee directed to communicate this action to the Liberal Convention. The aotion was reported as satisfactory, with a list of the dolegates designated to particípate. This completod the preliminary work, and the convention proceeded to the work of the day, and nominated, with a good degree of unanimity, the ticket which will be fonnd in its appropriate place, and of which we will briefly speak. IIen'RY W. Eooers, nominated for Senator, is a resident of this city, compaTatively a new-comer, and probably the least known to the electors of tho county at largo of any man on the ticket. His former resideuce was Bufïalo, N. Y., whore he was widely known and highly esteemed. In fact he was ono of tho ablest lawyers and most prominent citizen of Western New York, and is an acqui8ition to our city, county and Stat. Ho waa not dosirous of the nomination, thinking that ho had rotirod from active politics as from his profesBion, but the nomination sought him, aud that it was givcn him with such unanimity is a compliment he will apijreciate and labor to deservo. IIo will, if elected, as he surely ought to be, make a Senator the oounty and Stato will feol proud of. Ho appeared before tho Convention and accopted tho nomiuation in a speech which made friends of the delegatos who wero strangora to him. We should say, perhaps, that P. C. MuRKAY, a wheel-horgo of the Bemocrucy in tho town of Salem, received a handsomo voto tor Senator. Ex-Gov. Alpheus Felcii, the nominoe for Judgo of Probate, needs no introduction to our readers or to the Uemocracy of tho county. He hasKsorved State in posiüons which havo made him knoirn to all old rcsidents, and against his integrity as an ofticer or man not a word has ever been whispered. Ho will inako a careful, corroct and rightcous Judgo of Probate, and in his hands the estáte of the widow and orphan will be safe. - Judgo Bkakes, though not a candidato for re-nomination, his professional engagements requiriug his time, reoeivod some votos' on the first ballot, Messrs. Fhazeu and Bahiutt being tho loading candidatea. It is no retlectiou upon either thcir fitness or Domocracy that they were dtfeated by Buch a man as Gov. Feloh. Por Shoriff thore was a spirited content with several candidatos, but tho second ballut resultcil in the iioinination of iliOHABL FlEMTHQ, of Oholsea. Mr. Fl.EM INO ia a young men, well spoken of by all who know him. Ho bas boen a doputy Sheriff fora nnmber of yoara, having sueh special qualifioations for tho plato that even ex-Sheriff Poiiter appointcd him deputy despito bis Domocracy. He will inakc a good run and a capital uilicer. There wero also several contestants for the Clerkship, resulting in the nomination of Fuank Jo.-iLiN, of Ypsilanti. Mr. Josj,lN is a young man, a lawyer, and, with every qualification for the place, deserves a hoarty support.. Tho two term rule, which has becoiuo a law almoet as fixed as that of the Medes and Persians, causes tho retirernent of J. J. Robison, on of tho best clerks tho oounty ever had, to tho regret of his inany friends. For Register Charles II. Manly, the present incumbent and a good officer, was renoniinated without opposition, and ought to bo re-elected. 1'niLii Biaim, of Lodi, was nominated for Troasuïer. lio has been Treasurer two terms - not consecutivo - and also twice defeated. He mado a careful and accommodating orficer, and ought to receive nearor the Democratio vote than at the last election. Densmore Ciiameb, Liberal Republioan, was nominated for Prosecuting Attorney, E. F. UnL, Esq., positively doclining a second term. Mr. Cbamer is extensively known through the county, is a competent lawyer, an indofatigable worker, and will bo heard from during the oampaign. As the only Liberal Itopublican on the ticket b.o is entitled to cordial Democratie support and tho full vote. J. Wiixard Dabbitt, present incumbont and a good officer, was renominated for Circuit Court Commissioner without opposition, a deserved compliment. Tho other candidato is James H. Morris, of this city. He has been Supervisor one or two terms, has good businoss qualiflcutions, and is known throughout the county. This unexpected deal retires a good officer, Capt. R. Beahax. Georoe 8. Caimvell, of Ypöilanti, was re-nominated for County Survoyor, and is doubtless the best man in the county for that offico. The candidates for Coronor are PHELHMon C. Murray, of Salem, and Bexjamiií F. Cole, of Ann Arbor town, either of whom will take pleasure in holding an inquest over tho Radical def unots after the Oth of November. As a wholo tho tickei is a good and strong one. The candidates wero fairly nominatod, and are entitled to the support of tho whole party. Lat them havo it and thoy will be elected. The Radioals, from tho platform, in their leading journals, and on tho strect corner8, denounce tho Democratie aml Liberal Republican movemont as a coalition in the interest of secession, and this becauao of the nomination of GSEELET. Had Adams been nominated at Cinoinnati and Baltimore the country would have been safe, but to clect GREELEY is to give the roins of government into the hands of the old copporhead or rebel Democracy. These croakers ignore tho faot that Adams or any other candidato must have been elected, if elected, by substantially tho samo voto that will olect Hobace Gkeei.ey, that tho party supporting his administration would necessarily havo been the same, and that the .Senate, now largoly Radical, will remain Radical lor the larger part of Greeley's term, the game as for the term of Adams. Thii simple fact should dispose of this grent bug-bear or scaro-crow which keeps honest and innocent Radicáis awake o' nights. It is tha merest clap-trap imaginable, a burlosquo beneath sensible men. - If it was treason in Horace Greeley to advocate a peaceablo solution of tho diiferonccs between the North and South, even to tho extent of " lütting our erring brothers go in poace," what was this declaration of Fred Douglasa, a model Radical and the head of the Grant electoral ticket in New York : " From this time " forth I consécrate the labors of my life " to the dissolution of tho Union ; and I " care not whether the bolt that rends it " comes from hoaven or from heil." - The Nation supports Grant after a fashion and under protest. It says : " We wam all honest and intelligent men who are going to voto for Grant (as wo thinkthey ought), not to be deoeived by ' tho noise of tho captains and tho shouting' into tho belief that tho Grant party is a reform party. In supporting Grant thoy will be saving the nation from something worso, but thoy will Dot bo carrying itforward to somothing better." Almost as good as Mr. O'Conor's "blank Olynipiad." - In declining tho Radical nomination for Congrosa, Gov. Curtin wrote, " I inay becomo strong enough to discuss tho pending politioal issues." The recipients of tho letter mado a Grnnt man of Curtin by inserting between the words "to" and "discusa" the words " to assist yov." The Govornor's assistance is to be given to the other sido. - Somo of the Radicáis havo beon trying to crowd Mosos of South Carolina on to Greeley, but without success. Ho adhores to Grantand is "loil" clean through. - Horaco Greeley is to doliver the arpnual address boforo tho Maryland State Agricultural Society, at Baltimore, October 8th.


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