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Tho Atlantic has : Ouest's (Jonfcaslon, by II. James, Jr., part i. ; Jefleréon American Minister In France, by James Partou, a very readablc lnslalliuent of a very readable and lnstructive series ; The Poet at the Brcakfast ïable, x., of which It is enough to say that It is by Olivcr Wendell Holmes ; A Comecly of Terrors, x., by James De Jlille ; History of Ilantliorne's Last Romance, by G. P. Lathrop ; Iore, tbe Slave of u Siamese Qnccn, by Mrs. Leonowetm ; Tlie Hassler Olacler in the Straits of Jlaftellau, by Ellzabeth C, Agnsslz; Tlio Chauvinisme of the French, by Herbert Tuttle ; A Modern Kellgious Paluter, by Eugeue Benson ; Poems ; alf and Synnov, by lljnlmar Hjorth Boyessen ; Phobe, b3r Luey Jjarcom ; The First Partlng, by Murían Douglass; Ideal, by Constaiice Feulmore Woolson; and Pcnn Calvin, by Bayard Taylor ; together witli the usuai palfes devotcd 10 liccent Literature, Art, Jlusic, Science and Politics. Jas. K. UsOOOD & Co., Boston. Froni the same, OmYoung Folk,', wlth threc uiore chapters of Trowbrldge's story A Chance for Hiinsclf; Doctor Sjianxter, by Hose '1 Vrry ; Hippopotamus and Coinpany, by IIhtviv Wilder; Wonderful Ocoau Passages, by VVilllatn H. liidein, nd heapsofgood tbliigs, poema, psutuinimes, reboses, charades, etc. - Scribncr's Monlldy Is r'.ch both In 11 lustrations and conteutg. Amonjc the pa rcs are : Mlguonette, Ilias, poem, by Mary E. Uracüey ; Krnst of EdeWheiro, poem, by Joliii llay ; On the Tobacco Plantalion, 11lus., by Mre. 11. P. Ilundy ; In and About Paris, n., !i!us., by Ëdwarcl Klng; Modern Athen?, ülus., l)y Charles K. ïuckcrman ; Brosd Views, by Titiis M. Coan ; Autunin (Jume on the Prairies, ülus., by Joshua Cooke; At Hls Gates, chapa, xxm-xxvii , ilius. and approacblng h climax, by Mr. Ollph&ot; ily School at Pern City, by Este l'utinan Osgood Two Ways to Lovc, by Susan S. Cooltdge, pocm ; lier Face, by Cnarloltc F. Bates, poèra ; Tlie Queea of the Bees, lïoni the Frenen, by Charlotte N. Forten; Loitering About ivFrench Chateau, py Albcrt Rhortes ; Mr. Beeeher as a Social Forcé, by A. McElroy VVylle; Aininmi Yoices, poein, by Louisa Bufchnell ; lesser papers, and weil fllled "Topics of the Timos," "Oíd Cabínet," "Nature and Science,1' "Home and Society," nnd "Culture and Progresa," ahvnjs readable depnrlments. The number doses the fourth volume. SCBIBNBB & Co., New York. - The Cailwlic World has : Blemarck and the Jesuits, Fleu range, Review of Vaughun's Life of Si. Thomas, The Progressionists, Qarazzl versus the isee of St. Peter, Number Thtrteen, Centres of Thoujjht in the Past, Versailles, Father Isanc Jogues, S J., Doua Ramona, The Distaff, A Martyr's Jonruey, Oiltl Storlis, puems, reviews, etc. Catholic Publicntion House, L. Kkiiok, Ageut, Ü Warren Street, New York. - " Greeley has no party in South Carolina." So saya the N. T. Evening Post. As South Carolina is the worst governed and worst plundered of all tlio poorly governed and outrageously plundered States of the South the Post" declaration should be passed to the credit of Mr. Greeloy. But, then, wouldn't an active Greeley party benefit South Carolina by koeping her colored and carpotbag plunderers in check ? - Judge Piold, of the L'nited States Supreme Court, has declared for Grant, which -will endear him to the hearts of Radical journalists who have nover tired oí' denouncing him as a time-serving and corrupt deuiagogue. He is now a " pure patriot.'' - It is reportcd - ín the papers - that J. W. Begole, the Kepublican candidato for Congress in the Sixth district, h;is paid Hon K. E. Trowbridge to stump tho district for him, payiug $1,000. Trowbridge has already commencod his la-, bors. - Tho false "gold spoon" story of Oglo defeated Van Buren in 1H40. What ought to be the eft'cct in 1872 of the truo story of Grant's gilt-edged atable ? - President Grant vacated his "cottage by tho sea" and turned his back "for the se&son" on tho Long Branuh capital on Wednesday evening. - The N. Y. Day-Bool has turned its back on Greoley and now supports O'Conor and Adams. Good. - The Radicáis rely on negro colonization to oarry Pennsylvania on tho 8th of üctober. - Greeley will inake tho Radicáis all go crazy unless he stops "swinging around the circle."


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