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A New Early Grape

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Thn Rural New Yorker lays : Wr Win. Boyland of Pattorson, N. J., has lciudly aont u.s a box ot' his new seedüiiü', which i remarkablo for earlinoss, as it commenoes to ripon tho first week in August, and may, therefore, bo set down as tli3 earliest ntitive variety known. It is supposed to bc a Beedling of tho Isabella, and wo havo 110 doubt of thia from tlio char&ctor oi' the fruit and leavps of tho vine, as both show uamistakable marks of the trae nr.tivo Latpmsca species No epeoial care ha3 been bostowed npoii tliis remarkable vine. Tho owner is a macbinist, nr.d maltes no protensious to pomoloffícrI knowledge ; thorcí'ooe, this vine has not been "dootored" in order to make the fruit ripon oarly. It bas homo, wo aro iui'ormod, three yoars, and tho fruit nevcr fails to ripen the ilrat of August, wliir-h is a month earlier than the Hartford l'rolifio and Delaware, our two earlipst aorta in this looality. Wo beliovo this new nd proiniúng grapa has not yot been namorl, but it ÍRO"rtn:uly dcsfirviv.'j of diesemination. Bunoh medium; ï'orry medium to largo, nearly globular, bisele, with a liht bloom; adhuros firnily to the pedunolo; skin Jtough, but not think ; pulp of oonjidorablo substauoo, adhering to tho seedg, as in most of tho nativrs ; flavor sprightly, aud about equal to tho Hartford Proliflo. Tho groat valuó of this grapa will oousist iu ita earlinesa and hardinoss of the vino.


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