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NEW BOOT & SHOE STORE! At No. 8 Soutli Main Street. Tin undorolyrned talcos pIoRRtiri In nnnonneing to thft ciklsons of Ann Arboi-asd viclnity tbftt he qaa openttd n qcw btiplneM place where bewlllkwp ootrtntlj on hfinrt ü foll íujsurtmcnt oí BOOTS % SHOES And everything in that ine, WHICH WILL BE SOLD AS LOW A8 POáSIBLE. Eepairing Done Noatly and Promptly. t3F" Picase glve me a cali. L. GRUNEB. Ann Atbor, Anfj 9, 18T8. lP8tf QLÖRÏÖÜS NEWS FOR ALL GREATI0N ! E, J. JOHNSON, HATTER ! HAS RECKIVKD HIS SPüHÍ STOCK AND STYLES OF1 Hats, Caps & Síraw Goods, CEST3' rCBHUBMI OODS, ETC., WHICII RE PROPOSK8 TO 8EIX AT PRICES WHICII DBc'Y COMPETITION. 7 South Main St., Ann Arboi. IS NOW REÁDYW TOE WSTRABS Having Keoeived a Lnrge Stoch o f MG AND WEU a-ooDs, 1NCLCDIKG ÜLOTHS, 0A8SIMERES, VB8TINÖS, AC. of the SB3T STYLES and ÖUALITKS, WHIOH HE WILI. BI2LKUFA0TU1IZI 2 on tennato salt; Also a full line of READY-MADE GLOTHING AND Gents' FÜENI8HING Goods. SL3S7 L3 3? TT X E3 ALSO LADIB6' AND GENTS' MOROCCO SATCHEL8 No.21 SonthMnln Htreet,- EaatSidei OALL AND SEE THEM. WltMAM WAONER'. Ann Arbor, April lgt,18T2t. "lövejoy, TOBAOCONÏST ! Deals in both FINE CTJT AND SMOKING TOBACCO, SrrufF, [Pipes, &c., AT NO. 7 EIST HUKON STRKET, Next to tlie Express Office, AHH ARBOH, ÜIICH. 1345tr Q L. PACK ïecps on hand a first clas3 stock OF CIÖ ARS, TOBACCO, PIPES, SNTTFF And all smokers articlcs AT THE OLD STAND 2 doora vreat of Cook'lH'otel at the sign of the BIG ITSTJUN. lS62mO pEOPLE'S DRUG STOEKÍ R. W.ELÜS& CO. A.3ST3ST ABBOK nriiE FIRST NÈW eOOSS IN" MARKÏÏT, AT FSfiSLEY & LEWIS' TUE Fines!, Largest and I Complete Stock of Fine Goods Tor Lndies, Misses and Cliildren, at FINLEY and LEWIS' Kuri's Fino Caif Boots at Finley & Lewis, and at NO OTHEii Placo in Town. The Bc3t Kip and Stoga ïiooin in Towa at riMJCY & InWIS The Bost BofS' Boots atFIJiLEY & LETVIS'. The Stock wbtth tsbonphtfor CASH can W W at botter pilcos Ihan thoso fcought ON TIMK. Finley & Lewis BUY POE CASH I andcansell thclr goode at FAIR PI1ICES. iati. g o Q fh a 5 U b s P H S k a H ; 5 Í 3 ■i 3 h J j r; p w 3 1 Ov IL H i g g erl J fl Qo.ii I p38o P 5 8 3 j. p_j t3 ■Ml W aJ o! R JAMES MoMAHON, Justice of the Peace, Office in new block, North of Court Houso Moncy oolloetefl md promptly pnid over. IN6T7RANCK AGKNT. Trmrapli, aupetu, Norlh Missouri, ' MS.ttt.M Uibernia, " 33U.0OO.0Ü TilAL ESTÁTE. I have M scroe c f land H of a mtlo from the city iuiiLR, flnel; loostod for fruit or farden purposefl. Aleo -io acres. A]eo 10 acreí1, with houpo find barn, iud a livcly Btreán of nraterruiiningthvoiighthebftnf yard. 60 acres, a milenut. I will sell üny or all the abovocheap, or exchauüE for city property. 1ST4 JAMES McMAIION. T0TTLED LAGEIl ALE AXD PORTEE-, Put iip in Pints and Quarts for Family uso. ALSO BY THE KEG. iV Orders leíl nt Icitcr & Co.'s Drup; Store will bo proinptly filled. UILL & f'IIAPIX. ' Ann Arbor, May 28, 1 872. 18TGtf Goto R.W.ELLIS& CO'e : for 3trictly Pure Drugs and Moáicinee,Paints íOils.&c. g B. GIDLET, Sumcseor to COLGKOVK 4 SON. S ■ 1 ik o ■L'úiii.íllÍJ I IN COOK'S NKV HOTKI,, Ho. 12 E. HüRON SïREET, DEALER IN nar: tes, ftnuAcu HsnuniESTg, PÏBE WL1E8 1 .ï!) i.ïqr0XS, CFOIÍ MEDICAL PURPOSKa OI.Y.) Fancy , Perfiimcry. A?i5i PUTIÏ, PflYSICMS' PJIESG8IPTW Cnrofnüy cnniiw.iniled at ali honr'. I PBOPÓPE NOT TO BE WOLD BY AÏÏY FIEM IH TUS CITY WHOFURWISH A3 OÜOD A14 AJRIICLE, J. Wai rbb, tin(ttar. Et. H. Mc Dom a in Co., PntHiu A G' ■' ■ ■ I Conunnrc !(. N, T. KII.ÏJONS Bpnr Tostlinony to tLeif Wondarfli 1 C ti tnt i ve ElFcctB. Tlicyare notavlleTancy Drink, Uftdá of Poof Rum, Whïskoy, Froof Spirits nnU Rcfitso Iiil ' ■ . picoa and 3t.v_ntcnftltoplciisc tho :o "Tonicf." "Appetíiers,1 "RwitortrSrc., i thatlcMd tliotiinlcrontodninkenr.onnclniïn,bntaro otn?ei[edlcine.mrlo fromthoNiitivc ItootD andTIcrbft of California, freo froin n'. Aloohoüc SlïrmtInnt. TheyaretbeCiREAT BLOOD IM'RIFlEltnn.l A I.ÏFE OIVINÍ4 PRJXCIPIiEf a perfect Renovator and Invigorntor of tho 8 CRrrying (tfi all poisonoui matter ntid restoring theblood to a heaült3f condttlon. No peraon can teka tlicsfi Bittors nccorniiii to direct Ion s and rem ni n long nnwcll, providod thcir bonea aro ïiot dc?tvojed by mincrnl polsonor othnr incanr, nn-.l tho vital orgaiia ostetl bevond tlwpolntof ropRfr. They aro a Ocntie PnrffaHTeaawell na Tonii'. ia peculiar nicrit nt actin oa a powwfnl agcr.t in rellerlng Corifiestion or lüilaainiation of tho LItct, and nM theVInceral Organs. FOIt PEÍNALE COMPIiAINT, inyonrifor oíd. mnrnM or cintilo, fit thodawnof womanhood orat Iho turn of life. theso Tonic Bitter have 110 cqnnl. For Inilninmntoi-y and C'hrouic Itlieuinü tiam and Gout, Dispepsia r Indigestión, Blliaiin, Keuilttont and Internilttciit FcYcm, Diseñaos or tiip Ulon.l, Llver, Kidneyn m:;l IJlntidcr, thnso Bitters have heen most Filccrssfnl. Kuch lÍHem.-i ïwo Cfine;i by Vittntcd niooiU wnfeh lagenettlly prortuceil by dernigcir.ent of the Dlfnli vü ïrsans. l)VSKi-SIA Olí INTJIOKSTION, HeaJao, Pmln In ■-, Oouchs, Tljfbtness of the Chcst, DlnlnWH, four Bructltiom cf tho Etomach, 13ftd Tante in tlio Montb. Blltouü Attack. Tnlpllatlon of tha llc?rt, InQanimation et tho liUnffti, Pain in the refffons oftbe Udoays, tnda hunJrcdotlier painful annptoms, tho ojaprlnc of l)y-'pp-iru Thsjr iiTicorto tin íltonmch and stlmnlnto the 1 LlTer end Boivel.i. wbkh roafler tbom of unTi.t] t elBcjtcy ín cleanMn; the bloo;l of all impurittci. and lm partlDjr new lifo and Ttsror to tlio wholesystrm. FOR FJKIN DISKASESrruptions.Tottcr. SaJt Khei:in, Slotehea, ï?nu, Pimples. Pnrtula, Bolla, Oar. Imnclts, Rlor-WoTni. Scald Head, Soro :: lai.Ilch.Srui:-. . „ u, , Ulseawa of tho ekln.of wtaatTr nana or naton, w lltcrallr iluj up nrej ca.-rleil out nf tho Byjtcni In a short y the uiool theae Bitten. Ono liotüo in mich tívo'eín-'cta0011'"111'' tllU mS' locreJulous of tlicir curaCleanso tho VKlatad Clr'oJ rvlicnoTpr ron flnd !ta lm. purltios bnntloc Uuencbtba Ulo in Pitnplea, XniUonisr Sores; cleanso !t when rost finrl it obstmeted, and!:nclsh In '.ho Tcinn; clMnso It irhon It is fon], and jour fiollnj wl'.l teil j-ourrhon. Keoj tho Mood pure, and th hoalth of tho svstem will follow. Pin, Taps, t-.iil oihcr Worma, lurkineintho trstsni of io many thoannd, aro effcctually (iesrroyei ynd tamsrad. Saja a dJatiatnlabed phTslologist, there i oarcolr ar, lncüvl.lunl uiion the (acó cf thá artli wljose bmly 1.1 cifmpt from tho prcuenc of wornin. it i:i not upon the heaühy rlnnivnt.1 of the borythit worm eiirt, bot opon the dlaauad Ibamon and llmy depnsinthit braaf theie llrinf mouten of ainue. Ny Bntmof Medioine, no vcroiifuic, no 8S Bitti ystem froiu worou llka J. T7ALKE;i, Proprlotor. R. n. McCONALD A CO, BniSTlst aml Ctcn. Asents. Francisco. California. and 3J an.l 34 Oommorce Street, New York. B3-S0LU iiï AU, BEUU01STS AKD DBALBH3. fOR. CRÖÖR;SWnf E OF TAiT êlO YEABS PUBLIC TEST L!. Crook's WÏNE W rTo haTO more úlwcri' Uiaii any ï.' ' B similar prepara a,,:,-, - ,;-,,] ererofferttd tilO public. ' Tt Is rieh la the medicina] OTialiíieaof ï'ar, and uncqaaled for discases of iho I'broat and I-IIISS-S performing lbo most remark tble cures. Coughs, Coïdiï, Ciiror.ïc CongTa Xt effeotually cnrcs ikem all. Asüiiua, and Bronchitis. Has cured so many „ cases it ha bscn pro Bounced a epeeiflc fog , . these eomplaints. ' for pains in Breast, Sido oï Back, Gravel or EMney Diseaso, Diseases of the Urinary Organs, Jaundico or any Lirer ComplainL It has no eqnal. It is also a superior Tonic, Restores the Appetito, Streagthens the Systom, Restores the Weak and Debilítate Causes tlie Food to Dlgest, BemoTcs Dyspepsia and Indigestión, PreTentsMalarions Fevers, Gyes tone to your System. HUÜRY UP ! iJARTTIKS vh' ipor, Cloth ■ and Pa' . ' ■ 4"w i r; lííels. Ac, all Nw i by J. H. Webster Vo., BookHioru, ncar Uie Bsptau OJ X . Xi Pinest As3ortiTion t of Toile t Qoodainthe City,by


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