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T baI n ■■ ;:i door, A youth ntong i strayingj Hfa ■' Möi And Mubbob on l.i- eboelc were playing, My planee woa firom Uk' dwtaff wou ; I sul al OSh il, niid ï-lun nnd frj,ui:. in r ■ "Oood 1mv : " he xko, WitJU i proueïung nighor, SUtrtled wua i. ihe thrend it broke, My : :.-!i nnd LtighT, The tl A11U nut uUitbicl, and s-un and Bpun ui' i-bspt-tl with tfflldei touch ïnyliiniil, vpwed none . oompttii- ' ,1 (he land ! nap and dninty fair, Aa v.-iiii lii praiso my beart Iw won, . ad Bpun ftndspun. Upon ni y cbair Iin 1ni;l hi íhtii, And ■(. rn the ttneiy wroughten ihread. Sa nefti1 liis mouth, ho red nnd wnim, nid," be ü:id ! TIn wnüe be gni on, 1 it abashed, ;itiJí-uii nnd spUD. 31 ; - ; ce toward my ■ M e ui i M' i ■ tw i winning; It toucted by Bome oud onanoa unknowB My }- d taal nodded iu the Bpümuw ; JI, , cious onfl ! I sul abashed, aul apun nnd spuu. I turned, reproof in eamest tone Upon lii lui vrardnna i stowing; i d '■(] . r ;iuvn, Hv ]ii.--i 'l my faoevith blnsnes gïowing. Otoll me, rtisu'i-a, ovei i Ist Blxange that dow do more I .


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