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October's Song

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■ ( i ,Vri hniwti i ■-," sana r-.y Oetober, " Deep brown eyea running ovnd with tjlee ; íluít i ; ' aré ;:■'-. and gray eyo are bodsi ; brown eyes-on theeyea lor mé. 1 l'.l'i. '■- 'n tlic vlOWing suu:i:ii r With red of rose Kan yellow t eetrn be 8H11 lrtíe-foincr, fcüh'ery Fioat, crcepti ovci Üi mol o ' Bine (-}■ - s-iiniini with B i Like Bpriafl vioh ím over t!ie lea - int oh, my Grapes, mi Wines amd my 3ttnonf AVÍiaL have angela in commun wjih me .' Go, Gray Eyeel What kr.nw ye of lanffhing:, Qiddy with fi lee from t li msx sunshine .' lo tO yOHX boUUJ WTiat .ay ye ofquatfing Luseious juicc írom tlio riolous % inu í All tfcaearth Pullof froli Qrovuig is OTor ; harvctiadone , AU tlit: n.'to bm roady (brxollii Id Orowmij stirlet with xusticul fun Stay( Brown Eyoí, in the iinile weath4ra A T(u'n oí o-.ík ]' aves w i'.ii maple bit ni hall dock your brow whilo gayly tugethar Wíj iwu wÜl wander to hcart'6 conttut. 'hua Octobors ■wild voioe was íííiiítir-, e cunningly ihiyed; Vil ti th mu&io wore riiijíing Ani Browo Kycí li.sttucil, with fooi-tups slayed. Vaiting tohrar the sopp bcguili'i, LidU'iu.'d and laughi d throujjh ühe inny day Ana eartb and sky loll u nierry Bmiiüng, As liunii in lüind thoy waiiiU u-U awuy.


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