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Why She Refused

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Yon Bay you wcnt to a party last night, and tsaw lira. .Siuith, an oíd friend wliom you had not seon siuco abe and your sis91 veré at school togothor. You had a it talk uutil supper, then you cave hor your m m and took her to Bopper. ÍVLen sonie ene carne along with a few jlasses ot' wine on a waiter imd effered ler a ghisy, you gaw her shuddor as nho íiiid, 'Oi'o ' " and you wouder why Mrs. iniiíh, v.-lio didn't used to bo so particuar about such thiugs, not only reí'usod out sLuddsred v.hcn she said " Xo ! " Yvv. cau iiüt tell v.-liy 'i I can tull you wby. You wout on witli your taik, itud íad a little renewed flirtatlon, did you? I wout say you didn't. Sbo was 'very gay, and sc-euiud very glad to forgot bersoli did sbc? Very well. ] ain glad you pavo !.er tliat bour oí' tbe evening. I can tell you where she wout aker tbo party vas over. Slie went borne, - tbe latest persoB í'rom 'the party. Shewaa glad it was lutu, tot her husband luid not ome boinc. Siio sat cud read for an loiir, and her busband did not coni( ,Sbe wroto for au hour and be did iot como. She sat at tbe piano an bour uud be did not cjme. At lengtb, between 3 and 4 o'clock tbuiü was a noiso at the door. Hbe went to tbe door and two polioemen held bim in their arma. She knows tbem botb wtll by tbis time. It happens eo oiteu tbat sin; knows every policeman on the beat They bode hor good-night. Bhe brought bim in. She had locked her cbild's room tbat be might not abuso bim. Sbe took tbc abusu :s be l'ung biAseli' upon tliu bed. Sbo draggedoíF bis neokclotb and coat, and sat tbero unlil he sEould fall into bis stupid sleep. iShu w;;s the womau who rofused the glass of wine T.'ith a shudder. You did not knovv tho story. You thought Bhe was gay and bright. I know her story, because I hui hér minister. They have a a sort oí' skeletoii in their closet, whicb I atn permitted to sec and you are not. And when we seee tbat ekoleton, do you wonder we soniutimes say pretty sfaarp things about moderato drinking and the tumpbtüoii oííered at


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