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Love In The Preacher

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I had aman in niy parisli in Indiana, who was a very ugly iellow. IIb had a wii'e and daughter who were awakened during the revival whioh was thon workhig, and while visiting others who nöeded instruction, 1 wout to seo and talk with them. He heard that I had buen in liis house, and shortly afterwa'd i passod duwn the strcet in whioh he livcd. Uc wiik sitting on the l'euce r and of all Uio ti 1 tli that was eiuijticd on a young rainigter's hoad I rcoeivod my share. He threw it out ríght und lott, un and down, and suid evurything that was oalculated lo hárrow xny prids. I was very wholoBomely indignaut for a young man. 1 said to inyself, "Look ïere, 1 will be revenged on you yet. JIü :old 1110 I should ncvcr darken Lis door tgain, lo wfaich 1 responded that I nerer ivould until 1 had fatia invitation to do so. Fhings went on for somu time. 1 met liiin on the street, bowed to hirn, and spoks woll of hiin, and nnvor repeated Lis treatment of ine to any one. We constautly crossod eacfa others paths, and oftcn visitod tlic game people. I alwuys spoke kindly of Lim. Very soon he ran for tho oiricc of sheriff, and thrn I went out into tho field and workod' for hini. I canvassed for votes : 1 used my personal inllueuce. It was a pretty oloee eleoüon, but Lo was elected. When Lo knew I was workins for liim, I never saw a man so uttcrly perplexed as Lo was. Ho did not know wluit to makc of it. TTo camo to iiio one day, awkward and stumbling, and midurtook to " luako up," astln ing is. He said hc wonld very glad to havo me cali and sec Lim. I congratulated liim on bis cloction, and of coursc ac'. u-vertuxes ; from that time forth I liever li:nL a laster fiiend in tLe world tlian he was. Now I might have tLrown gtones at hizn from the topmost cliffs of Mount Sinü, and hit Lim every time, but would nbt Lavo don.! hím any good. Kiiulne-s killed Lim. I v.'on Lis oónfldence. - Jl. II'. Becclicr. Tho pliosphato bods in South Carolina promisii to bë worth more to that Htatc than its gold mini. i eVer wero to California. Tlioy uuderlic several hundrod square raiioa of territory, aré from i'our inches to sevêral fei t in thlckness, and ïonn a Bolid bol in tho State. They are i'ull of the bonec of marine animáis and of imihir to niMiiy of onr don imalg, and differ widely in oxplaining Üieir oi igin. Althongh the rock contains l'Bomo 60 per cent. of phosjrhate, and is.' tinrníurc, vsry vtiluablo us a iertilizor, it is :i hiiiguliir íact tüut its p ufcertuincd uutil a OoníedefAte chemist liit upon tiioni during tho war. liut sinco thon a grout business lias siirung op in Diining und shipping the roei; Korth aud to foreiga coiintiios, rts woll as grinding it l'or pluntatioii uso at home.


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