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A Blind Member Of Parliament

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Justin Mc Carthy, in' his London lettor to the New York Mail, says : Mr. Fawoet, wlio is ouo ot' the most riing men in Parliament, accompiished, two oï threo days ago, what muy be í.:ir[y called a reniarkable, and, perhaps, as extruprdiuary feat. He si)oko on tho governrnent of our Indiim Empire, in mply to tho speech of Grant Duif, tho L'niejr Secretary of Stato for India - spoko four honra, introducing ir.usses oí' figures &nd long citationsfrom official docuuionts iuto his speech, making astatistieal argument, and this, of course, without a noto or memorandum of any kind to as&ist hiin, for Mr. l'uwcut is blind. I hoard tho speech, and it was as fluont in deliv(! y, and close and Bymmetrioal in argument, as cx;i:t in its array of figures and quotations as though thoy wero ruad from a book. Not once did tho speaker Btumble i.i í'. eontence, or go bnok to set riht au inaccurate figure. I think Uiis was a perforwanoe wbioh may almoetbe callod unparalleled. Few men in tho House i with the full use of their seuses could have apoomplisbed it as tho blind man did. ïLr. Fawcet is making a deeidedly romnrkablo way in Parliament. Personally )iis privation seems to troublo hini but little. He is as full of healthy animal spirits aa ;; school boy, nnd he dolights in all manly oxercises. ] f (.■ is fond of iishiiif, and oven sluiting, the lattei amusement he contrives to enjoyby holding one ond of a stick, whilu some companion of cqual tkill on the ice holds the othcr, and thus tho thiny eau bo safely done. Mr. Pawcet'fi inljrmity naturaüy leada Lim into awkword predioamenta some times. In a London club, ono night, when Mr. Fawcet waa present, the n:tmo of a cortain wealthy inember of Parliament was mentioned. Let ua cali him Thomas Panner. " Torn l'aunur," exolaimcd Pawoet, in liis loud, cheery voioe, "is a good follow, but he is tho most ignorant man in the House of Commona ! " Tho listonerg were reduced to utter una horrified silence, for Mr Panncr had just entercd the room in timo to hear tho punegyric.


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