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ty little ohemioal experinionts may be made by tho young pcoplo, vhich will amuse and astonish thoso nround them. As for instance, with so simple an artiole as red cabbago, a very beautiful effect can be rendered in tho following manner : Cut tbree leaves of cabbage into siiiiill pieces, and nfii-r placing them in á basifi', pour a pint of boiling water over them, luttÏTiy: theni stand an liour ; th( D pour off the liquid hito a docanter. It will bo of a íinu blue color. ïhen tako four wine glasses ; into ono put six drops oi' Ktrong vinegar; into unother six drops of Bolution of soda ; into a third the same quantity of' a strong solution of aluin ; und let tho fourth glaasremain empty. FiU up the glasses froni thn decant. r, r.nd the liqnid pcrared into tho glass containing tho acid will quiclcly bocome ;i beautiful red ; that in the glasscontainlng tho soda will bo a fino green ; that poured into tho empty one wül reir.nin uoohanged. l!y adding a littlo vincarar to tlio green, it will immediatoly chango to red ; and on adding a little of sol ut ion of poda to the red it will assumo a ('nic green ; thua shomng the ftotion of acida and ulk;ilis on vegetablo bluea. Clara IjOuíso Kellogg is reported to have said " Xo, to ;i EuBsiari noblemaal


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