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Lady Medical Students

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"Wo hear somo glowing accounts of the receplion of ladies iuto soine of the prominent medical schools of the continent ; ml. iii'Lí r tluy Lavo perfonned thcir work wcll, and. claimcd their degrcc, they uro rather curtly diamissed, with no vory complimentary w oncouraging words. At thf Univereity of Zurich a Indj publicly told tlmt slio had acquired a certain amouut oí mechanical knowledgc, but had by no means provéd tho compcti noy of wonien ior medical fictivity. - ïhis oertaialy is a most ungracious way of dismi8sing a pupil who has diaüuguished herself abovo luaiiy of tho iuale nts, but is rouudly surpasscd by Prof. Bischoíí', of Munich, in a rcoont a.'ldrcss to a grr.dun.ting olass containing ii :iii;;U: stuilcuts. Thü í'rof. had evi'Uütly douiiod his scientifio arnior lor the contest, ui id in tended to givo thruststhat would hurt. He maintained that women aro not adaptcd to thu culture of soience, either anatonuoally, pliysiologically, or psyohologically. Aud in the Rpceial ecionoe of medicine, to leáis whioh it is au indispensable condition to handlo the dead subject, ho focls that wom;iu is out of place. Though un old and hardened anatomist, ho acknowledgas uu unconquerable aversión to geeing a yotmg woman at tho disseoting-table. He beïieves that womea muy tnaka most skillful and UBeful Boientiflo nursea, bnt protesta against their entering the ordinary arena oí medicine, bocause, as lio naively says, there aro now enough incompetent men, without increasing tho contingent from the feoiine rankg. AVo quote his seutimenta to show tbeir narrowntss, rather than to endorse thom, beoause it is quito evident that the Munich i as no desire to Bhd wonen udaptcdto tho tned'ust as he desirvs it may be, and rather begs lii.s ar gumeüts instead of furnishing lus proofs. We allude to the md this ;-■ mainly to show that even in the ostablislinnir-. Famale stndents are ádmitted, in deference to certain public m, they aro not as -weloomo as thoy are gencrally suppoged to bo. So tho " woman questión" doos not secni to be any neaver to its solution, from tlio consideration that a few are admitted to Zu rich or Munich schools, to bo ungracious ly dismis d alter the faithful and consciencious labora of a courso of study. - M'üts' Jlrjiwilory fov OctobcT. " Aro tlio angels playing croquet, mamma V" asked a Httle year old, tho other evening, when she s:tw the metedrs shoot.'


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