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Marriage Among French Priests

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A Paria correspondent wiites as follows: " Futher llyacinthu's oxamplü will bo 'ollowed, it would appear, by a largo uniber of tho French priests, who, the 'atrie states, ace going to rononnco pubiely their vows of colibacy. Xho public;y of the urn is tho ohief novIty connected with tbe inarria;: iricsts in Franco. Tho Paris Journal is a apporter of tho throne altar, and held ir. 'avur at the Archepiscopal Palaoe bohind Xotre Dame. It tells us that in tho diocso of Paris alone tho average numbcr of iriests who marry is from twenty to thiry in the year. It montions that whon lio Abbo ïlichaud announced to th Vrohbishop hia intontion to take a ivii'c ie met with 110 opposition. All that was aid to him was, 'Marry, since you must, jut make no noise about it.' I should hink, howevcr, that tho Frenoh pricsta spiring to inatvimony have great ditfiulty in persuading women of respectare rank to cspouse them. Thore is both a strong prejudice agninst churchmen who break their vows of celibacy and i egal hindrance to their gotting married. '):e nullity of a priest's marriago was esablished a few years ago in a culübrated uit in whioh madame Claude Vignon, he acconiplish8d Parliamentary correaondent of the ' , was laintiff. This lady, who has just be:ouu! tho wifo of M. Eouvior, a Marseilles Doputy, had not much tioublo in utting away her first husband, because ie had been in holy orders beforo sho married him. The ohildren born of the marriage went to the ruother, for the father was incompetent to give them so muoh aa tho iimti legal status of reconnus enfants, Jules Favro cxerted all his cloquence on bohalf of the repudiated husband ; but the tribunal befoiñ which it was brougïit ruled that 'a niacriage with the Ohurch preeludes oiyil matrimony.' This jurisprudence is a disgraco to í'rench society. But it is a fact which should not bu ovorlooked by ladics, and especially English and Aniericail ones, who fancy French priests. "


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