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Chemical Papers

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A now style ot' paper has been rornntly introduoedi designed to bi u-i-d for chooks, draftSi and otliur oommercial purdosos. Such is the preparation ot' tbis paper that figures onco made upon ít cannot bo erased or cliemically reí without leaving a mark that woilld lcai to imi ■tection. ín thn snipli of jihifl pajper tliat have 1 n Bhowi admirable descree of perfecHon has boo obtainod, and ihe irivention or disoover promises to become vory popular. Th prepiiratioii of tliis papel is extremel námjle, and it is a inattcr of Burprue tha it was not discovorcsü yoars ago. ïhe colonne matter used is simply diluted writin Duid, whioh jjives tho piipuradolicato b gray abade. Charadters writtou witii iv. pen on thia cannot bc removed in any manner. If ioratolnug i rusortod 'o, the surface will be reanivèd luid tho white body of tKo paper underneath will Bhow the attempt. ïlio ooloring matter of tho auri'aco being tho sainu us tho infc us-rl in writing upon it, any cheraical ation that would remove opwould remove the othw.and thus nt attempted alteration vould , Thoprowould ap] . ved to t'urnUh m artielo tbr bank and valuab!o docomeQts that will lutely proof 'against alteratïén. lí t!iis n.-.-ulc is attained tho pnptjt will ürn3fübledly como inta will 1;; ïimi.-ii moro convenien kíífactcry tfhan riety oï st&tnpa :.:l lunr-lits ttint are no,w used to socuiu the saxno ï-nsult. The machines iised to cuj oui or impresa uros upoii the cheeík, at l)ü.st disfifcuro it, and a prepared paper th:it wouldilly sufo would uudouUodly taku their placo.


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