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Grant's Custom-house Beef-eaters

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.. v ' irY Woria. Barh&table is ei port of entry in Siasschusetts. I" 1868 we lind that its foreign cojnmoïce wan, iiuports $3,492, and esports uil. Siuco tii has gone dowu in tlu scalo. Durin onding 31 . ,.1872,' the latest period rcported, ifs'-eowinerce v.'iis : ïorc-ign import "'fjForeign M To superintend the abbvé foreign commerce of nü and eollect the consequent duty of iio dollars uid no cents, W6E6 required tho followiag otiiccrs : paid, Ji71 One (Ol-u-rtor Í1. tue deinity collfctui i l l,w One depnty collector and Luapectox ' '"' '.;' '■' ; ity collector :i"c'. icspcotor )■ Onsdepi ' ' ■''"' iatyollector ana Inspector 40Q One inspector [ Oneaid to rcvciiuo . OneOerk ,0 Oneboatfnui " m 850 If this statement wuro a fu.-tion it would bo properly pronounced a clumsy. and incrodiblo fiotion. What is to be. s;id ot' it when it is a statistical fact ? That great oivil-service reformer, Mr. Qeorge WUliam Curtís, might purhaps. doubt tho jnstiee of this exposure, inas-, much is be does notooioern himself with :8 of arithuibüc but of speech, and ainis at reform, not by the practical and prosaic pri; öpping thefts, but by tho vague and pootical proccs of impart■ uii!)"to tho civil service. - But if ilr. Curtís will consult the Secretary 's report of 1871, pago 351, ho will. find it literally borne out. If any or all of thu above bééf-eaters know history, geography, book-keoping, gram mar, and thé lüsuuice frpm tho earth to the moon,. nrtis is no doubt sa tisfii d. nd thebsef oaters therusalvcs aro content if thoy, know the distance from thtnr houses to .-, .nd bow to iiucus- . . lieve the tax . paying peor il] require something more of theia, In way of coinponsution for tho $(,888. paid out of the public purse for their support.


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