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The Republican Ticket

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The Republiean County Convention, lield last Saturday, noininated the following ticket : For Senator-- J. Webster Ciiilds, of Augusta. For Judge of Probate - ïiOAH W. CheeER, of Ann Arbor. For Sheriff- Johjí S. Nowxand, of Ann Arbor. For Clerk - WlLLIAM N. STEYEK8, of Korthfield. For Treasurer- Stephen Fairohild, of Sharon. For Eeghter - EmanüEL G. Suaffer, of Manchester. S'or Prosccvting Attorney - Edward P. Allen, of Ypsüani. For Circuit Court Commissioners - JoHN F. Lawrence, of Aun Arbor; Ciiurchlll H. Vancleve, of Ypsilanti. For Svrteyor - SAMUEL PETTIBONE, of Ann Arbor. For Coroner - "Wili.iax Dkxter, of Tork ; and Dr. William F. BREAKEY, of Ann Arbor. - The principal contest in tho conTention was for Clerk, there beingfour entréis and three ballots. The ballots stood : lst 2d 3d fm. N. Stevens, 32 38 57 W. F. Hatch, 22 2G withd'n Jas. McMahon, 50 53 5i It. J. Barry, 14 withdrawn f. M. Wilcoxson, 2 McMmox was very confident before and after the first ballot, but laeked wind for the home stretch, and realized tho tnuth of the proverb, " there is many a BÏip between the cup and the lip." For Sheriff there had been considerable advance skirmishing, but some of the caudidates considered " discretiou tho botter past of vulor " and forfeited their entrance money. The first heat decided, the vote standing: John S. Nowland, 67, W. H. Berdan, 31; A. V. Eobison, 13; and Mr. Scatteringr 2. For Prosecuting Attorney thero wcro two ontries, the vote beiug : For E. P. Allen, 70 ; for E. D. Enne, 62. Thera was no other contest except for Judgo of Probate, and that was not to who sTtouid run but who uonld run. Judge NlXDK wouldn't, now nor never ; Chase begged off; Sawï'er said he could not, he must not, and would not, and then was nominatod. The Convention thought he didn't mean it, but he did, and told them it was no use. So NoAH W. Ciieaver, who didn't happen to be present to decline, was nominated and the Convention adjourned immediately to prevent his appearing and compelling a new deal. - We are not disposed just now to critioise the candidates. They will pass muster - for Ilepublicaus. In fuct it is a respectable ticket. Hereafter we may havo occasion to be more specific. - In taking tho chair as President, Mr. Childs said ho was not going to make a speech, but proceeded to makeone; it was needlei-s to rehearso the issues and scènes of tho war, but he rehoarsed them ; speakthe same picco he has often and many times ben heard to uoclaim, except that he had something to gay about the magnanimity of the Kepublican jjarty and that bloody chasra thoy wero askod to bridge ; about the charges of failure and sore-heads ; and about tho successful, economical, and glorious admiuistration of Gkant. (Cheers and barking by one of " Graxt's purps). Again he wasn't going to make a speech, but made one, advising a good tickat and tho rolling up of sleeves. Then he eulogized tho University and the Normal School - which foreshadowed his own noiuiuation, and then called for the ' order of business.' " It IS said that the post-ofiice wing of the Radical party, getting badly buaten ia the caucuses of Friday evening last, advisod thtir protege to " stand froiu unáer" and ktep off the county ticket. , Anythiug to beat GkaüT " ia now thtir , wutühwoid. I


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