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piur jprcttiscmettt& The undersigned offer for sale, on rensonnble terina His Kesidence in this City, Corner of División and William Sts. A most desirable location, and one of the bost propcrtiea in the city. Enquire on the Premisos. Duted Ann Arbor, October 9th, 1872. DAVID HENNING. 133ötf . OTICE. The Rtoekholders of the Detroit, Lansing and T-altQ Michigan Kailrontl ('ompjiny nro icquested to moet ut the office of the Secïettiry ofsaid Compiiuy, in the city of Detroit, on the 28th duy of November, A. D. 187, at 2 o'dock m the afteraoon of .saül day, to tjikn undcr eonsidenitioii, anti aot npon nnd approve, or disapprove, nn Hgreement to oomoüdatosan Conm-ny witli the loni:, ötauton and Norihein RaÜroad Companv ; whlch eid ROTeement nutde hetwecn the Board of Dlrectors of sid Companics aud duly exeouted, will tlien and there bc placed bufore thf stuc-kliolders of the Detroit, Lantfalg and L;tku llichii?n Ruilraad Company l'or thcir iTpprpval or dÍBftppiOT&l Dated Detroit, Mich., OctoberOth. 1872. II. H. SVilTlI, rresident. Geo. L. rnxiT, Secvotury. lÖ95td THE"LIGHT RUNNINGMa-:ïiS "D ,m .-.- ti "' S, M Co., 96 Chambeis St. N. Y , o 214 . effersou A e. Lïetiolt, Micft. 13ü5m3 ■llANTED. A GOOI) SALESMAN AT THE FARMER'S STORE. AI'I'LY TO G. W. IS A VS, Slipt. Ann Arbor, Oct. 4, 1S72. 13l'4wi T IVE GJSESE FEATHjfiRS PIRSTQUALITY, ftoneiantlyonhand andforsnlcby B ACH ff ABEL, I FALSE REPORT! tHaT"" A. A. TERRy HASGONEOUTOP TRADE HE STILL LIVES, AND HAS A LAEGE AND COM PLETESTCCK 0R HATS & CAPS ! JUST THE STYLE AND AT I'RICES TO KUIT Til F TIVPi, A PULL LINK op Ü0 GENTS' FURMSHING GOOty, DON'T PURCHASE YOCR Fall and Winter OUTFITS UNTIL YOÜ G-IVE I-ÏI3VC AüAli 15 South Main St.,AnnA,iJ issi-ti. nn bei, lovèjoyT TOBACCONIST Deals in both FINE CUT AND SMOKUffi TOBACCO, Snuff, Pipes, &Ci) AT JiO. 7 EAST HUROX STREET, Next to the Express Office, A V ARDOR, MICH. 134Mf . !,. or.Scrofu. y la ui aiiy f0rni, C of the Skin, dise.neo(th, J Livcr, Rhoumitism, R,„. fg-t ples,Oll Sores,X;irere.Brok. en-down Constitu t ons tSyphilig, or any diañaid pending on ailepravedcon. x dilion of the blood.trr DR.CROOKS O SYRUP OF Ú POKE ROOT. MJB It Iibs the medicinal propV'B ert? f ecombinedwith fl 'A preparation oflronwbidi goefl at once into the blood, ff" perforniing the most rapM y and wimderful cures. Aak yonr Druggist lor Dr. Croolt's Oomnoiinil Synip of IJoke Root- take ,t uid be healed. VyiHTJIOUE LAJÍE. Havint; rccently reflttcd and farniihejtts CLIFTON HOUSE! I am now proparcd to roceivc and entertain pleuure, fishing and dancing partiee, atone of the mort attractive, pleaant and healthy watering pla ii the West. My 'loiits are ncw, larjje snd commodioas, ui well adflpted for the use of pleasurc-seeker?. Anglers witl ñiid a full a ml complete equipmeul always on hand. Special attent ion civcn to the vant3 and nLort of tho.e who whto epen d a few wecif in recreation during the warm summermocttia Xd ains will be sparctl to inake WHIT3WRE the futarc asiu tbe pvt, a favorilesutner resort. D. F. BMITE TllOiÍEÍW FOR SALE. IIENEY GOODYEAE, of Sharon, toinp assipifi flll his propert) to us lor the bnflt of hi cruiiloii, we now olie r the property for sale in patccls to snrt purchnsera. The lands ai e tirst daiw-nwie hellet u the Ht;ite. Over one thousnnd acres of impiovM am in a body. Persona buying civn nsftwme niortesgffi lw a part of the purchnse money. All h' agaiDsl the said (ioodyenr ure rtquested tu pi"t thom to the nssignees. JJatcd, tieplembcr 26th, 1S72. R. S. SMITH. W. H. CALKDf. 1303 JUS. McMAHUX. Q L. PACK Keops on hand a first class stock OF CIGAR3, TOBACCO, PIPE9, SJfTJFT And all sniokcrs articles AT THE OLD STAND 2 doors west of Cook's Hotel at the sign of the BIG INJW. 13SSm Real Estáte tor Sale THE VOLNEY CHAPÍN HUME8TIAD, Ncar thc north east corner of the Cuortllo'-'t Minare Thls pjoperty wíl! bu sr.M al nnww pricee, in lotsguttablo for a roi-iilencc. or fort nes purposes . Abo Iota on Jliller Arenueeut Tonlb' green house Also ft Farm of 160 Acres, Wel] wateredand fenced, wlth good nrdiri ' fair buildings, wiihinamilc ol the Coart II"1'-' St.Johna, Michigan, andseveral hmidred "ei plne and oak timbered !auds in Sasinaw Comí;, Mi'hii::m. Influiré of N. W. CHKEVER.or lS90m6 C. A CHAPÍN. MOTICB! The subscriben hnqe attheir cotnmanii,' ? eral thitiK, from fivtt hundred to five thonfr. w. lar to lo:in on llrst and first eins mortKff "' in the County of Washteuau-,- lime írm 1"Z Bveyeara. ïi-rrns lib.-rnl Olf -nnn?ite tiel OHice.anrt af. A. Leitor C . K-nj iton.b n. ' QrotfnryBlock. Our Abstrae! Bk PmW ' to date. Ann Irbor. Maj 30, 1SI2. .„.rs th.ícyw. koot, ROOT & IB1 CUAS.A. LEI1EB. lBl In fact, ip roa wisn to oet ant ooow and gei the worth of yonr moucy, ï00,?"'! to the f'armers' Sloro where they eell " í" cheaper thd3 liíll thiin evt-r b6foro. , , G. W. IIAVS Suiicrinitn1. TH1K l'l u:.) TO (KT VOl H NRW sTliV1' ürea Tnnimiiif;s, is at the Farine" "'""■ JUST REUBIVED AT THE FARMERS' STOBB very large toi k of Bunnet and Sasa K'w New St}ïö aucl Cheap. _ HAVE YOI" SEEN TIIOSE NIOE DRESr'' at the Farmers' Store If nol g "" " hem. kr ta 59ft rer day! Agents wantod I " either sex, younfr or old, make more ro0".ytM work lor us in their spare moments or ' timo, thaii at anytliing else. Farticu ars irnAddress ü. Stinson % Co., I'ortland.Jl" Mortgage Salo. DEFAULT having been made in the cnlW,'0a. certain indentureof mur(í,'nKO.n"ille"!'u,,ríll ted by Cliarlcs O. Clark, in hls lite timo, and ■' y Clark, hia wife, to H. lonia Snckct, bcniins ".=w( , fitst day of DecenU.tT, in the year of oiir ,., thousand eight hundred and sixty-sii, and SK"g the office ot tho llcgister of lJeeds ' J. , v,riCounty and State of Michigan, in Líber! t, m fa gjiges,,on pngo 235, on the 41h day "'.P00!,!"and the power of -ale contained in jnid mo 'H_tíi in(? becoiue ojjerrttive by renson of 8UCf ift joUiA thosum of eleven Inmdreil añil twonty-"" j, being olaimed to be due upon said f.0"; jfid date of thisnotice, for priocipal nnd ïuter "■' Kthc sum of tbirty dollars stipulatie! llim'H" „J sonublo uttorney feo for tho foifdoiii re '""" hm no suit or proceedings at law, nor in cnanoui bii inatituted to recover tlie debt secure j(w, mortgagc or any fait thereof. Notice is ' (Wi herebv inven that said mortgagewill lt0"X!a ut by virtuo of the power of Mie twivm c""r ". ra(irt picmiscs describodln the n".it;'-"' """,,. of il' also dcscnbeil and set forth, 01 somc irt '"57a#f, bo sold by me at public nuction, to the hip "' ■ Vv ;:- totuiliifywiiii imirtBiiirc and cosls, on . " -p,f 4th dny of Januaiy ïic.xt, at eleven o ítíí uoon t th south door of the Court Hou". ' , ith, of Ann Arbor- that being the bulloing ,_ i, eW- Circuit Court for the Countj f W SÍ toU1! the niorignift'd premis are desenwo uth; wit : Lot ïiumber three u block number o - j Huron atreet, mul range oleTenea8t.nj(jjij Ann Albor. Miohifmn, Hocordingto hi:'.c' of the Ann Albur Land l'ompauy AiMlUOH. Dntcd Ann Arbor, O= Mh Js -Af RKT E. C. Seaman. ,Ji};(1 .tt yfor Mortgagec.


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