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The Executive Board of the Stndent's Lecture Associatlon have already secared j quite & nuniber of popular and prominent lectiirers of this country and England for the coming season. Among tliose now en jtased are James T. Flelds, Wm. Parsons, eo. MacDonald, Paul B DuChaillu, Bdniiiiul Yates, and other men of eminence In the polltlcaJ and literary world. G:eat care lias been exereised to secure only the Dtst talent, and the course for the coming season prouiises to he cvery way BOCcessful. The Diimber of lectores will be twelve or tliirieen, to which oue or more musical entertatomentg wlll beadded. Seison Hckets faire been reduced to $3.59, and are for sale at the bookstore of GlMlORB & Fiske. The introdnetory lecture will be riven by Dr. James B. Angelt., on S-iturday eve iiins, Oct. lflth, subject: - "Aloue or with t!ie Majority." We found time on Wedncsday afternoon of last week to accept the Invitatlon Of jur rellow citizen II. W. RiKíEBS, K-q , and visit wltb hiin Vpsilanti avl the Fair. - pur hour was ciitirely too short to enable 3 to mnke a close and systematlc inspection of t!ie Beveral departmeuts, hut wesaw eaouq;li to satisfy us that it was away ikhcad of the Connty Fair of the precedí lig waek, iu horsee, in cattle, lu farm prodoce, in friiits, in flowers, in domestlc iii:iu:;ic tures, In line arts, and in eVerythlug bilt people. If sometliiu; cannot he doue to re new tbe interest in tlie Connty Faira tlicy had Ijetter leave ttie (leid to tfaelr Provincial rlvals. - We mnst notice the display of grapef) made by i. C., of Mouroe, 19 varieties. Tlrey were perliaps no bet tor growp and no better quailty than thosc txhlbiteti at tne County Fair by C. Hf Woodeoff and others, but the nomber ovarietics and the (natitity WM BOt ap. proached by any sinirle exhlblter here. Monroe is evidently a favorable spot lor grit pe culture. - We may a!so say that wefound'. Oov. Woodruff doinr the Fair, and lookIBK much the same- though we thoaght him a little more suave- as before the high honor ot the second posltion on the " straight " ticket was thrnst upon him.


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