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P. T. Barnum's World's Fair In Ann Arbor

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On Monday the 28th inst Mr. Barnum and lus great traveling World's Fair, as it is called, will be liere. From the first hour of the annouucement, which was made some months ago, that Bahxum was comir.g, a Port of anxious looking for hls mam moth enterprise has been indulscd in by everjbody all over the country. We will 'nsprt th advertisement of this great sliovv ncxt week and givc a more extensivo no tice o( its merits. Everybody will be on the qui tite to sec it. Mrs. Stonk, of Kalamazoo, had on exhibition at our recent Cou nly Fair a group of paintings in oil which attracted general aUention and elicited much admiration. They were copies by lierself of very flne paintings by the old masters, with one or two landscapes by well known modern artisrts. Among thein wcre Tilinn's Teacher, heads of Coiumbus, Leonardo de Vinel, Dante, Angélica KauO'man, Madame Le Brum. and Bierstadt's Sunset. The color Ing was admirable, and the tone and finish of rare excellence. We are pleased to learn that Mrs. hTONE proposes to teach paiuting, and adviseany wlfihing to take lessons to callón her at No. 26 South Fifth street. A GOOD story is told of a certain candidate for a county office, who caine near getting a Kadical nomination lust Saturday but missed it. It is that a colored man and a brother Radical solicitud bina to indorse his note for $50, and was promised it should be done provided he would work up a certain ward cttucus and securo a delegation in the aspirant's interest. Mores claims that ho faliilled his part, but that failing in the convenlion t.he candidato went back on him and refused to indorse, whieh MosES promises to reinember. AT the Democratie Convention for the Third JReprosentative district, held at Salitio, on Friday last, Ilon. Malcolm McDoüoall, of Bridgewator, was iiominated, and as a noniinution in that district is equivalent to an election, may be enrolled as the noxt member. The nomination is a good one, in fact ono emin ently fit to be made. Mr. McDougall has soen service ia the Legislatura, uk and adds to toe qualili(;;itions for a goot legislator exporienco which will increast his ijH.fu!n.!,s. We congratúlate the áU trict ou the certaiuty of being so wol represen ted.


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