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■ - Tho Allegan Journal goos forits villago cotomporary in this wiso: "The Democrat thinks thcrc wore 250 voters in attendance at the Grant raass moeting on l'rid.iy week. Ryan must have been oocked when ho perpotiated thia lie or he didn't put on his goggles." And has it come to this, that Zack Chandler can't commund an audionco of '20 voters at the homo of Don Henderson ! He didn't, Don boing tho witncss. - Jacob Ferris, " the war horse of tho pine woods" or tho pinoy horso of the north wooJs, or the great blow-hard, has ;one back on Qreeley, for whom he has boen h;s horn for n number of months, and announccs his allegiauce to Grant. Grecley's recent speeches aro assigned as the cause, but a moro probable solution of tho chango may be found in tho recent visit of Zack Chandler to Grniul Rapids. - Congressinan Foster "riacs to explain" ooncerning his exercise of the frunking privilege for tho benefit of tho Xorthern Michigan Agricultural and State Pomological Societies. Ho says be soattered tho paniphlots far and wide, but never haring read the franking law don't know wh ether he violated it or not. Nuf eed. - Tho roeeipts at tho State Treasury for the fiscal yoar onding September 3Oth were $2,1S1 ■!!). '22, and the expenditures, $1,898,396.65, The balance in the Treasury at tho beginning of the fiscal year, was $694,122.06, and at its closp, $977,224.03. Fat pickings for the " Treasury Ring." - Tho East-Saginsw Enterprise says : "Tho Democratie victory in Georgia recalls the fainoas eonquest of the Dutoh when they took Holland." And thin same would-be facetious Enterprise made its-ilf hoarse bellowing over Republiean victories in Jlaine and Termont. - " From tho abundance of tho heart tho mouth spoaketh," and so in a recent speech at Goshen, Ind., Vice President Colfax proved his love for tho Domocracy by saying, "He was sure the bost thing possible for tho Democratie party was to defeat it." - Several colored delegatos were quito the lions in the Republiean County Convention on Saturday last, and were buttonholed by candidatos "j ust like white folks." That was all, thoro boing no place on tho ticket for a man of them. - 27. That was tho number of "straights" or Bourbons convenod in State Convention in New York. An electoral ticket was nominated, but by a vote of 15 to 12 it was decided not to nomínate a State ticket. - The gorerninent proposes to look after the Mexican smugglors and marauders on our Texan boundaries : that is if ;he government can gather itself together from its electioneering tours. - Senator Joshua Hiil, of Georgia, has leolared for Grant and Wilson : but ieorgia having declarcd against Senator Joshua Hill, his occupation will be gonn after the 4th of March noxt. - That brave soldier Gen. Slocum has knocked thp pins from under Gen. Burnside, niuking as neat a " ten strike " as could well be imagined. Kead his letter in iinother column. - Dr. Francis Liober, a well known publicist, died in his residence in New York City, on tho 2d inst. He was a native of Borlin, Prussia, and was 72 ye;irs old in March last. - If a single Democratie reader of the Argcs still hesitates to vote for Greeley we commend to him the speech of Hon. Geo. H. Pendleton, to be found in another column. - Gen Burnside is already gazetted ns ,he coming minister in Russia. Ho is upposed to have earned tho position by lis zealous defense of Grant at Pittsburgh and since. - The Brooklyn Navy Yard is being r-.mnfed with men - preparatory to elebion. Tom Murphy and Jimuiy O'Brien are the manasrers. - The West Virginia Lpgislature stands: Jemoerats - Senators, 18; Eepresentaives, 47 ; Eepublica)8 - Senators, 3 ; Repesen tati ves, 17. - Foster Blodgett, a model Georgia oyalist- " loil" just because ho is a Grant man - has been arres ted on a charge of forgery. - A decisión in the San Juan boundury question is expected early this month. vaiser William, of Gorman y, is solo arbirator. - The rogular Fall term of tho Suireme Court commenced at Detroit 011 Cuesday, with a largo calendar. - The noble O'Connor, just now the admiration of all Radicáis, is an officer of much abused Tammany. - Catching at a very small straw: tho üadicals in claiming the electoral vote of Delawaro. - ■ -n - w IIiram McCabtt, a resident of Angnstüi vin about Beven miles south of "ïps;lantl, eft home on Suiulav mornlng last, bet vr een 0 and 10 o'clook, in starch of cows. 3onlay uifíht he was seen near Saline, croflslQg the gravel road, and CorolDg toward Ann Arbor, Blnce wliicli DOthlng has been licard of him. lic isnbout 35 years old, of weab nind, and wlll notprobabl; teil lila Dame; s about the average helgbt, dark complexon, with sido whiskers; had on a llgbtcolored coat out at the clbowp, butternut panta, and chip bat. His lather would be tliankful to reccivc nny inforniation concernlng hlm, Addjess Hibak McCakty, Ypsilanti.


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