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The Ludios of the C'ünjrregational Ohureh ncknowlcclfje with many thnnks tlie favor shown them by a large nuinbcr of the citixens of Ann Arbor, and by othcrain iidjoiningtownRatthelait' CouiHy Fair. The ir sjwrial ïhanks art; due to iudividuals OUtaide thrirown ehurch who gcncrously contiibutcd their tervicéa and gifts. For the fjatisfuctioD of tnoso intcrested, thcy have to say that the receipts, after paying expenses, werc $340. MR8. J. J. PARSHALL, Sec. of Ladiöa' Ben. So. of the Coug. Church# Filtrad umi Il:t1iu:ii:f Fevcr ariflOfl from wiint of olcanlineys in tljo Iiouëü or person, - which will be removed at onre by Dfling tlic non-poiBOHOTU disinfoctani , Bzomo Chhiralum. Prepaied only by TlLDBH ft Co.. 176 Wüliam st., N.Y. TboxtHTE is not stimulnting bitter which creates a fictitious appetite, hut a gntle tonic which asists nature to restore the stomaoh to n hcalthy action. I)csli1er7s Fcvcr nud Aíthc Pilis. is no new remedy, luit one tliat luis stood the test of ; .nV u-c. 'l'licy roiUíiin no mr.rcury, arvcnic, or quintne, and insfond of redneing tho nvstcm, wtrengtlieii nnd invigomte it and leave the pntient in a heultliy and sound oonditfon. Frcmot a mitltitudc of lettere wc ínsert the follón log : Jamaica, L. I., June 8th, 1871. "Itake plcnaure in hearing wínes to tho rfíicacy o i'Koá A.gtta Pilis, hAvfng ttaod them in my fnrnily with complete BUGoeiB for t bu last ten yeais, and checrfully reoOBUHend them to nny ene tilicted with Fevcr and Agüe. s. n. ORO883LAN. TorSslr by B. Y. ELLIS & CO., and EBEHBA SACO.


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