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Sensible Workingmen In Italy

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Tho workiagnKin of luily appe&r to - a larger stook of moderation and good senso than their fellow laboren in many othor countiii-s. Hitherto strikes have boni ulirsost unknown anionp; thcm, though of lato thcy luive tiied the oxpar. imeni in Bome of the largo towns. 3?ut tbe men hare carried on opor.itions in a most orderly and pacido manner. Thoy have appliqd i ■ tlie aoitborities, to whom thcy pout out tlioir eri'if's, xnd beg thcir aidin order fo adjoat matten quietly with the employera, who in (urn R-oueral'.v sluiw themselvea open to reason. Tho r(!3ult is that ibo workmon havo, tbrongb a moderate gtatement of thcir diaznands, aa a rule succeodcd in snoin-iiit; bat they asked for, whether it were a slijíht inoreaso of wugos owinp; to the heavioT cO8t of lodgings and living, or a flimiuution of thu hours of Work. The Roman correspondent of tho Tnd'cppndcnoe Beige tclls of somo abortivo attenipts to induce the Roman wprkmen to turn out. A meeting had been convokad to urge the men- the operativo masons - to striko. " But who will pay mo for my idle time whilu I am out of work?" askod ono of them. " Tho Trade Union funds," was the reply. " How long will these funds maintain me in idloness V " " Fivc days," said ono, and " Thirty days," said anothor. " And what aftcr the fivn or thirty days havo expired?" To this query thero was no reply ; a muxmur went round tho moctiiig, then the men flockcd around tho questioner, und applauded and congratulated him. " He is right," was tho oxclumation ; "lot us think of our wives and obildren, - no strikt?. " i This was the general outory ; tho mectinLr separated, mul the masons roturnod to thoir cmploymont.


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