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Horse Stable Floors

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A correspondent of tho Rural Torher, who has no patont to offer, bui who protesta against hare floors of uny oofistruction for any animal, suys : ít is true u dishjng door may bc vory siifo a horsj rolling himself upon ïiis back Rgflinst tho partition ; but let him try Rtan ling all day and pigbt witlf the outsido of 1. Lsed jut a little, and try ti race t!io next day with a;i cqual, who has slspt in i good bed. I have kiiown severa! good! vefy good, how o, fchat "Would nol stale upon the b.i'O tloor so as to complete]} ompty tho bladder in a month, very mnob to tlioir injury. Horses paw their boddiiifr fov t'.vo reason. hen tired they want their heela r.iiscd, and try to pilo np the straw for tliat purpose. If tho floor Btanda very much backward, ray romcdy is to take an inoh board nbout foor iSehes wide, bovcl it to nearly anedge on one sido. Nail tlris (thin eáge forjará) to tho ilour, across the stall, jut wharo tho hoels of thoir foro i'oet corno, when thoy stand at after oating theii moflís. Thoy will soon learn to iso it nnd not paw the bedding, if it is properly spread. Improper sproading of bodding is another roason for xwing. If it is not put fur enough back for tho liips to lie upon it, tho horso will try to fix it. I have purchased 8everal bad pawers, and ]ine liever fiiilod to break them by a long bed and standing rest. The fools ■.iiii generaily ut the smull end of tho Imlter. About stulliifff' i clean bed. Tt shows how much the animal dislikes to' spatter bis clean legs. When tho prooin goos into the stable to put down bedding, iirst thnr.v a littlo straw- or sawdust, if preferred - in the proper place to the urino, letting it makc noise enougli for tho animal to hear it. Let them bl quiet for a moment and they will be sure to uso it, when it should be scrapcd out clean and tho bed put down. A tired farmer will not stop to buckln pads upon the tender parts of his horse, nor will the horse thank any one for putting straps and strings about his linibs to hold on pads.


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