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How Vegetation Brings Rainfall

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By rcmarkable industry and irrifration the Hormons in .T t : 1 x havo transformed a very consid.; irablo surfaco oL naked salino oarth iuto an oasis of grasa, graiu, fruit trees and forest traes. With thia chango wid cooling influoDce lias como a rcmarkiible increase of rain, so as to mise tho water in a largo luke somo feet abovo its oíd lcvel. TLis higher levcl remains, and a stoamcr visits places it could not reaoh whon first built and sot ifioat. Do irrigation, vegotation and consequent cooling of tho atmosphere precipiíflto tliis increase of water? Tho Hon. Chas. P. Culver, í'ormorly delégate from New Mexico, says : "As late as 18G2 and 1863, the Arkansas Rivor wns dry frota thc Pawnee to tho Oiminaron crossinjr, but sueh a tbing has not been kaown ntoce. Beven or eight ycars ago tlie Pocos would dry up during the summer heat, but this faot is no longer obeerviible. It is a common expression of tho Mexicana and Indians that 'the Auiericans always bring; rain.' " Jíre a)i t'mso pcoplj mistaken? It soi-iiis impossible. And aesuming that a luxuriant vegetation on avid jlíiins draws dew and rain from the air of an unlii;o temperature, at what geograpical line ihall veaetation coaso to extract from clouds and humid winds more water for irrigating ]urposcsi' Irriating wators from enduring mountnins ntarts this new refrigerating jirocoss on the plains, covoring thein by degrees with cooling vordurc. AVill not the Pacific and tho Gulf supply moisture onough for the wholo al Maline desert, aud makt it "blossom ag


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