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Ëleetlon NotieO. 'ICE. Wasütün-w: Coinrrr, 1 H Auuou, Au'.i'-i 27, LÖ72. j i ■ ÏOU inv tu n;l-y itutiiii-ti lh;it :;t the nexí. O Slootion, tobe heidon the Tuesduy i ■ f of State, Auditor Geni ral, ■ General, ident of L'nbliq ; re De■ for ilit Second - whiob w the Fourth Senatorial .District, o Wtuhtenavr Countj Act No. 118, r f !, A' ■■ I to the provialo 1871. Alsothfl fotlowixig county officen: o&e 3 Probate . . ( lcrk, onc i ■ Atturuey, tv.. ■, i lommü u ■ :m1 one uurif y Bui l ■ fovareaUo heivby notillwl that nt said Oneral n 'In' rollowia 'ituiion of this stilte ure to besubmitted totbe ; tétate for tlieii adoption or i ejectïon, pursuuat to íbe requlremente of the Constttution and the roisolutions of the Legialátara vubmittinff them, i : An " Amendment provi ■ ■ payment oi purchaae ptice thereof realii i l venty-si trentt ty, by the o anties, ■ d inunii ipali ■ une, lui ;iT)l tnaid ofany liajfroad Company," provi by Joint Iteaolutiou No. 81 of'.! Lawa ot 1871. An" ; ■ celatireto illimHs of Judióla Circuil . QuiüDcr therooi," provided for b] Joint Hesolution No. 86, of the Bewion I Andan 'f Amendment relutive to the ttali for by the bss aforesaid Joint Ilcéulution. UTBOS WEBB, Sheriff; Mortgage Sale. D'. ' I ,'' haTing l. i-u made in the conditíon of v . mudo iind x cuted bj E iboth tiohoff to C F. iliil, dato the ürat irty oí March, a. d. eightee handnsd and Bevcnty-one, und i ■ i til' 1 he EU gister of I i as oí H Liber forty-three of. murtgugva ■ four bundred and tv. ni be nfteoni I tfuroh, a. i. eightoen hiuulxed and Bevonty-one, al ten and onO-fourth oolock a. :-r.; nnd the power of Stiíe noní;iia'(l in taid mortgge Ualug btcoíae open ;it, and the sutn i and twelvo dolían and fifi i clahnod to be i I :.o date of thb iiotáce, and thotxndaX)OinpaiiyÍng ib attoiiK'y's fee of thlrty,dolj i in said iffe, and nosuit or pi-ooecdlng at law or in cJiau wving been Instíteted toree or any partthereof: Notioe la therefore hertby giveo, that Bald mortgage will be foreclosed b; ■ 'id premiaba therein od htoementioned b i .. or ?■ inpch ;i wi!l be n ■ a 6 ui ■i-i'', i íio bevènth l.-iy of December next, al . ínthefbrenoo ■, :it tlic south door of the Oourt Hoow tn the city of Aun Arbor, that ílic ]il:n-'i fue liuliliii-r the C'ircuit ('ourt for the county oí' Washtenav; Uie trnul pivnnss to bcsold l)v vii'fnc of the power of ule in K;iid fflorteaga are bod in gaid rao i folJows: All oí the rt of lot numbcT ten (10), boing fonr y nine [fl) roda déw, in bloék number uve (3i u t, in the Ann Arbor Land Coniptmy's addition tu the city of Ann Aboi (fon;.' . Washtenaw county, Michigan. Dated Ann Arobr, Scpt. 11. 1872. COMS1 OCK !■■- aiLL,Mortí D. Ciïamer, Att'y for Mortgagc Salo. DEFAUIT haring lton oude in the condiiioi] of t ö by Am. inda Burbankto I -;r-v, bearing date tlic thiiteectb drty of K i teen hunftred and Beventy-oné, and recoxded in Öie office of the -w, and State of Michigan, in Libel forty-flve [45) of Mort. on pago onu hundred and Boventoen f il") ut six . ■ - - i 1 1 1 th r. 'M., an morigjagc li ■ reaáon of Beid t, and the sum of ons tfundrod and twonty-six dollar? rttifl eighty-1 limed to be duo on Baid tnortgage and the noto acoompai at the date of thia notica; Iso on attorney'a fee of forty dollara tu provided fur ui said mortgage and uo Buil or prooeeding at law oi Inohancery havingbecn iiutitnted lo recover ihe r-iim-m1 rwypart i is thercfore hereby given tbat Baidn :: ib d und h-n inafter m ■ ■ forth, oreo toucfa fehereoí as vil! be m to satLsfy Baid amount( on baturday, tlie twenty-flxst dayof December next, ut eleven o'clock in tnefore'Í ukuI day, Jit the tsouth door of tho (.'ourt if Anii Arbor, that being tiio place for holding tho Circuit Oourt foi i I waehtenaw. 'i'n said premisea tobi mof the of sale in said mortaMfo are deaciribed in s.iji lullowi : All t hos e tracto ox parcele of land known and deaexibed &a Lo ivo, (2,) , 'S,] and Four, (4,) in J. I, Baldwin i mtotheCity of AnnArbor, in the County of tteuaw, and B on. Datcd, Aim Ai'bor, Sept. 23, I DEN8M0RE CU VMBB, llortgagee. al Estáte for Salo. cítate of Michigan, countyofwasht navss. O In thematterof the I decoaseu. Nol ice ia lit-reljy iriwn, tfiatin pu of un order gran tod to the undet of the ■ I decoaBed, by il;: f Probate for tho saunty ui ■■ . os the flftoenthdayof Jnly, A. D. 1872, there will boBOldat public venduo tothe higheet bidder, at th neiir tho nortnrest cornei of the Iund Iiereinafter deaexibedin theCountyoi Waahtenaw insaidfitate, on Tueeday tlioi wou j-fourth day of öeptember, A. I. unoo'clückin the afternoonof that flaj to all encambrancea bymortgage or othcrwise exïstinK nt tlio vime of the death ofsaid deoeased,) the Í lo wing deecrlbed i: i f wit: The v of the Bouth west quarter of Beotion thirty-two, in tovnahip Üiree Bouth of range Üve e:ist oontainuig eight] Dated, August 5th A. D. 1872. ALVA FREER 1386td Adininistvïitor. . i ove pulo is postponed o Thnnday, Qctdbez '.-Í'" -nu place. Dated, September 24th, U?2. AL". ■: i . l, Administtator. CommissionerB' Kotico. QTATE OP MICHIGAN, connty of Waahtenaw, ss, O The undkirrsigned, havlng been appointed by the ra to ït;ccivi', examine and adjast all claims and domaudsof all hel McCon.m-k, latöof said oounty, deceaaed, heréby give notice that six months from date are allowed, by order of said Probate Conri , E ■ at theirolaiin thereidenceof Jobn Harte, Sal . i uiity, on Batnrday, tho twenty-lWra day of November, and BdConday, the twenty-fourth day of Maxob nvxt, at ten ftt ten o".-;"':. .-. [. ufeochof said days, torecbive, examine, and adjust Dab . 23d. k. D. I ÏSAAC u CTKTTP, El) WIH i 189 'wi ■ aera. Estáte of Roots - minors. STATEQ] II' aiGAN, County oJ Waabtttnaw, s ountvoi Waahtenuw, holden at the Probate Offl of Ann Arbor, on Mondny, the thiriiethddy of September, in the jreai tn Uiou uind i fht hundrefl and scvi'iit y-i v. d. . Judiioof Probate. In the matfc r of tb föhn F. Koot, Desdomonia B iot, '.'■. i fL. Boot, Sarah E Root, and Lem ael ï. Kooi , mini , - ■ uardinn i Baid estáte comea Loto Couvt : odropresenta that be i, qow prepared to rendei Lis final account assoeh guardián. Thormiponil isórdered, thatMonday, fch I Eghth day of Ocb ■ Linthe.foretlowing such account, ■ ■■■'i Üwt the uoact oí kin ui Bttid minors, imd all otl: intereeted in estáte, ore roquirea to appear at a ■ i tt eaid Court, then lo be holden at tho i'1í of Aun Arbor, Ín liow oauae it' any thexo bo, Bttid aecuní BhouM do( boalwwed. . that -:il guardián give notiw tothi undthehearabg théreof, by etnising -. eopy of thta order to ■ ' i ■ ■'■ newgI and cittnüating insaid County, three successive weeka pxwious to suid day oí hearínjr. [Atniccoroy.] U1B ECES, lof Probate. Estato of Chorlos Stuck, Sen. Stat. Oonot) of Waahteiuw,. Ar a sessfon or the Probate Court for the Ci lenatthe Probate Ofllce, in ttis . i A un Arbor, in Tuesiliiy, tl diy' ol October. In the year oue tho:i?:nid cight hundred and seventy two. Presont Hiram J. Ueakes, iodgejOf Probute In the matter of tbs estáte of Churlos Stock, Pen decea ed Charlea Snier, Admlnlstratur of sald comea totoOoort and represent that he now prepared so render bis final account afl such AdminiAtreTberenponItUOrdered.tba ' twentyeii,'Mli diiy of October tat. :a ten o'clcklu t!i ForeaoOu btfasslgned for i'K:iniinin niirt aliuwin 'anch account, and thal the helraatlaw o ed, and all otherperBonsïoteroet it.eaw reqnlrëd loappearal a si'ssidii of .:i Conrt, beuoldcn at tne Probate Office, in the Arbor.lnsaldCottnty.ancl : iwcanao, Ifany títere the Bald account should uut boallowed And it is furthot otdered Ihat ■ : trator glTe notlce to ihe ) ited rn iatd ■ Tf Ciu pendency ofeald accoant, "il the '■ thercof, acopyofthli order to be pau lislu-i! i newi paper prlut" d and clicnlatlng i ■ weeks rirevlooi ik t.i;] il.i fAtruecopy.) Hl] KCP, im Estáte of Benjamin II. Glenn. STATE OP MICHIGAN, Oountyol Washtenaw, k Ataseulon of the Prol Connty of Wast i " ■■' ' '■■■' ' ' '" 1!u' city of Aun Arbor, on ct !"' of October, In the year one tUoosand elght hmi(!iv;l and soventy-two. Present, Blram J. Be ike?,Ju IgeofProbate. In (he matter oftl Benjamin 11. Glcnu CharlesOlend nm] Emllj J.Glcnn, Admlnlstratori (e, como into Cmirt and repreecnl that Ujey n1'" uow )irt :-.rc,] rentiei ihelr :i:ii aceount uoh Adminwtratora, Then - Oat Monday, tho I i ■ : uk In ■imininji :iml allow cb acconnv, and tlmt the aw ,,, i, and 11 other per gons Interested In sald estáte, are requlrcd Lo appear ut a tfoion of satd Oourt,then tobe bolden at the ProbaleOfflce.ln the City of Ann .'.K.r ; ■! s:iiaJitint lauseifanythere be, tshould notbi Anditls fifthcrordered, thal sald Admli I noticc o, of the iH'iiI the hearing therepf, bj . v oL ruis order to I ú in tne it h#n iw8paperprrnteo nnd circulaties Connty, three weeks prevlon to eiBAM J. 1J94 ol Probate. pOll BALE ! Vnevrii:!' nfl a sflóóna hand Cninagc, for lor 2 hoi '" ölLj . tl. l'i'i ' ' i'-'.' Arbor, May 2Jd, 18Í2; IMitl - - '- - M IMMII ■"■JT-1. " QTATi: ■ ■i ■'■ "■'o1' "unatto"'1" , llinim.1. 1' .,..„ lu li On roultag and flling the petition.di.1. L'irkurd, pi ;.1,j ow on üle in tliis conrt , pnrportine u!l .!I1lrii ÏI 01 ■ ■ ' '■■■', ■ . ion. ordri ÍOU6 to raid rlnv nf , .'r tkn. Estáte 'of Moscs Eich " O Atsosion-J) '■i..rtf,v?lï,. , .' ■■ '-mit City of Aim Arbor, on Fricluy, tl," „ÍS' Septi m1 . r, in the yrar one thousanj c-i'S 4' and aoTenty-two. " willij Presout.lliiam J. Beakcs, Judgo of Ivi,., Jn oï the cute or Lf h, ExcOTtifof the laat win ment of said deccased, comes ato (■,,„„ "7 tot, senta that h.' is now rrupuin! ),iTiltfnconnl . nitor. "ïUoi Thcreapon , Vi. llt 1,11 n'J...iP', .lth. mimi :■ ■: . V' comit, andtliiittlii' i '"' I and uil i aniiir' V ■ i Court, then to hoiaVn ■!" i hato OUico, in the City of Ann A.,1 "? Pttshow cause, if .-my' J?1 , sa'.d account sbould not ullowed : ri(lu ■ ■ ', ' ' , ''["kit Bon iiitcresta in sni] CilAte, of the t-n(l,',; ,fonccount, nu , ," 7 ofaij of tlus order to i publúlird in liie'lji";" """ anewspaper printed imd circuliitine ininS'téX'' i ■ ■ ■'r, (Afvuocop,-.) illHAMJ-BiiÈSf1 1-'JJ Judgeof Pn Estato ofWilliam BuckhHJ" " STATE of Mirjl l,., (■„,,„! v.-n?,,' thousaad Stel? dred and . "el8Mln ut, Hiram J. ,. of Pk,)., I In the matter of the cstatc of WilSïih lie petiüon, (luir v,.tiw ■",1 i otlier suitable pci iioÏimT Í' rutrix oi !: . v' bcr next, al the foS, l'or thu hearing of ',;;,t. the h. ns at l.nv ol . ,. otk-Z, '■'l'"1 imcdtoatmeaMiü? ■ a Arbor, „nd 1,4 cal Í any tinto b,:, why the praycr of the petitioner L2 ""ti hwiim; iii .1 ■ ncjr of 80id petition, aud aTiZ? "-' '■ ■ 'Pyol thii order tot published in the .v. . a newspawMiiiiS rculating in said eminty, three suieLiCiïïïti previous to ;iid aay vi hearing. (A trut co[y.) UIIiAM J. BEAKE8 '"■■ ; Judgs ofWa'ti, Estato of Ebcr M. Munroèü Q TATKOF .VIirii;AN-,r„unlrof Wns] O Ata seasionofthe l'i nrUcComT. ' of v ashtcnnw, nolden at ( he Probate Offloo muur of Ann Arbor, on ir.timi.ij-, tl.e seventh dr o tcmbcr, in tbc ycar oiie thousand ciirht WindS -two. ' Present lliv.un I. Beakcs, Judge of Probate In the matter of thej e líber M nn. decj ued. ' """"i On reading and flling tho petition, duly TerUW ij Lucy A. Munrcc, Executrix, praying UiatslumiyS ueenaed to sell certain reul e.-tatc, wbcreof uiildt ceaseü i "-wucTheroupon i t is ordered, thal Monday, the twomj-fli aay of i 'ctober noxt, at ten u'clock n the tonam. ir the hearing of said petition. aniftrtB it law of said deceased, ui :lllo!' '1 estáte, are mmini 1 of si H court, then to beboiáen Beo, in the City ufAnn Albur ud slioy ■■.-ui-' . if iiny there be, why the i'raycroiü houldnotbe Krantcd: And i: 'it foith? ioner givcnMic! !o the ki'. catate, of the peñdeoerof saidj. the heaijng tliereof, by ca;. copy of tliis order to be published in the A' . priutl and cu-cotsÜLg in ; i .'vious to soid dnTf hearing. (A true copy.) UIEAM J. ):■ Wil Juilscof lWuiit lístate of Marshall Nowcll. STATE OF MICinO AN, County of Washitnair,.' n of tlie lJrobat i:umi fortbeCooiq of Washtenaw, hold of Aun Arbori on . dftrol : r:.-tT, in t!iL yeuronc thoiuand L-iht luimüctf enty-two. ut, ji:r;im J. Beakes, Jttdgeof Trobnte. In tl :.i,m Xcwril; ' In j-cadiDfr aiul til . pr&ying that t':; iilla-..l toetamenl ■ ■ sdmitttd, I qoiinty, and thüta:i tration said county, maybegroLUi to ;?iiil petitioiu r. ïhereupun itisordered. da; 'ƒ October next, át ten o'cloék in tbe iorc-' noon, I I for the heariugof said peti . '-■■ , : l iiti huirs at Uw (rf ed, and all othcr persons inic:' Hud Court, tlien to be holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, and shm cimso, ii Of thorebe.wnythe pn '.'.mito granted : And it i.s i'ui-ther ordered, tbat said ei-. ecutoifviTc notiee to the persons interested insaiili;it of the p ndency of :.i'i account, and tbebeufol thcreof, ly causing a cópy of iliis order to be putíisliíá in tin; Hichigan _(.i;v.-, a newApaporprintedallddici' Latininsaid County, bree aneo apnvM to said day of hearing. (A true oopy.) IIIRAM.T. BKAKEB, I8W" Jwlgc of Probate. Estáte of X:mcy Eobison. CTATK OF MICHIGAN, county of Washtenw,, O At a session of the Probate üourtfor thei ofWashtenaw, holden at the Probate Offict, in IM citot A:m Arbor, on Thursday, the nmeteentlldiril 1 iberin tho ycar onu thousand eight hunarrí . -i. Judge of Probate. In the matter of thi íanej llobim' ed. ( n rendinf? and filing iliu petition, duly vfrifleö. oi Samuel Robison, praying (lint he or some otb Buitable ptirsou may be appointed admiaistntor of the estáte of said deöeased. VTonday.thefourtMin i I Uclober next, at ten o'dDfk in Ihc furenooo. bons igned for tho hearing of said peti6a, at . ..ujsu other peisonB iuterested in fiaid estáte, we ' to appeor ai a session of stvideourt, thtn to holden, ;.t " Am oor, and show cause, ïf anj tbere be, w)iythewJfl of the petitioner should not bo grnnitü: AadBM further ordered thnt saicl petitioner give notie tot is interestcd in said estafe, of tlie pondencjo etition, und the hearing thereof, by ckusidit . : this order to b. the Xichifi. , .-i newspiipêr printed and cirrulutini! at oonnt) sivo weeks prcrióiu tü said ayo' hennng. T., (A true copv.l IIUWM J. BEAK. 1S92 ■ Judie of 1'roti. te of Joel Hornbeok. OTATTÍ OF Al ■ ■ r.w.i,NAr 'hi-coimtfO' Wtishtenaw, holden nt the l'robute oiïcf. mto'-nli of Ann Arbor, o .''"Li September, ione thousand eight bimdiw and Mvento-two. I itam J. Beakes, Jndge of Probate. , In ;li! uiattcr of tho estáte of J'l HornMWr itn.l (ilins the petition, duly verili!.t tor the pui-pose of ditritutinglMig, Ii sale amoug the' deviseea ï.amiu "" -11 of , ,. „..ti. " ' v', , JS' forthehearii :U'"J I beiisatlawofsaiiiaewjj, and áll other pt-r -ons interested i toappcariii ' l"1 ; ici!' V ''t tl cause, if nu] '■ '! .„j pniyerof t! iiot be . . ' .'"' }Zt , ; this order to be published m the Jk-s 'j newspsperprinted iindcirculatuigin" 0; ty, four succeaiuTO weeks previous to suia u i "7AÍrpr, my . Éstate of Christopher Lange. OTA l : w"ÍSb5 Atascssionof tlie l'robate Court i'11' '5.1,,. "otb of w L'robnte '■'S'ijyof . Arbor, on T:mrs.hiy. the nu' er, in iU' year One thousand eiga r T) „1 ■,(■■ In the umi: Chriator1"" " i . ,-j-iüed, rf- and fllin? tlio potüinn, dulj ■ ,, .: pp, Admïnistrator, praying -'f . y dt. te M-licrcoi"1" ■ '' DOW1 ;,., nbattl. beass ' '■'!'.'' ''?':'', '.r-i-nsin: ■ ,i.i ' ■ Probate Office, in the city of Ann and . : ':r ,',i. io4. toiildot,btpn. Uiepe ia dr """ ,.„. ■ ir ■ (AtencW.) uiissioiicrs' Noüce. 0 _. OTATB Oí MICHIGAN, eoonty of n o Th ":;:,.:st Probal , Ai" '■ ■ ■ . latoof '-"i r',r,l,.tof'li I mths íroro i '■"' '-, ïii.iv againi -' in the "!. ""'T V'.,'lvfourl:i ,y thetwentj m Maro at, at ten o'c . ..d claim' day, ■ . : DVVIDW. PALMER DANIKLLkBABON. JUSIVSBHOOT 1323 U


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