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Heaven By Littles

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Ueaven In nt reached ;t a single boundj liut WO boild the ladder by wliieh we rist) Fxom the lowly earth to the vaulted skles, And we mount to iu snmmit round by rouud I count thefic things to be grandly ' ■ That a nol-U' deed fa :t step loward God-I.iMinjí the BOiü tri tn the eommon eod To a purer air anda broadex view. wc risé by the thingsthin are underout ít -t By wliat v. ■ . ■ reed and ffuio, l.y ine pi i-i' : lp Ana iht; viunjiUfslitid 11 timt we Jimirly meet. We hopi we reeolvef we nspljte, we trasti When ■ ctdlfi to life and Hg-nt, 13 ut uur heurls iim.v. w nty, and en toe niglit, Our Jivcb ars trailiiig Uteaonfctd Uust. Wlnga tor the angels, but fect forthe men ! We musí boi rofl the ■■■. to Bi d the irayj e hi ■■'■tt Mul om K-et must rifle or 'O tull ftgain. i :i'v En droama fe a ladder tfarown From Lhe veuxy earth to the Bapphire ïvnlls; Bilt the dreams depart and the visión falla, ►per wakee un hia piHow of e teñeHeAven is not reaohed ni n idngle bonnd ; Bm we boud the ladder by wliicii we n ie From thi' lovily eaxfeh t" lite vaulted Bkiea, An i v-e mouni to Ita summit ronud by round.


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