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Síiid a busy house-mother - as the Gorhi'.líis phrase - to me tho other day : "To-niorrow ia Nottie's birthday, and she wants to ask somo littlo girls to toa and havo out lier now china tca-sot, and make a great time with littlo cakes and jiseuits nd tlangs; but dear me, i euh oxpecting a drossmakev, and nm hurried tu death, bendes, fcryiag to íiuish thoso drcsses forthe obildrentbat I showed yon ;he other day, with the puffs and rnffies - yon remember and I don't realíy iee íow Ï aui to tind time to fret up a party, loybu? I don't like to disappoint the chiíd, but it can't be helped, and that la heendofit; but pqercy! what havo I said to set you oryingf " Ah me ! 1 was only thinking of those 'loriouK tea-partieá of my childhood, the ong-antioipated, tho greatly-enjoyed, the ever-rcnicmbered; of those wonderful 'rostid eako?, with the bright sngav plums on top, and the elegant littlo biscuits cut out with tho cover ot' tho pepper-box ; oi' he tabio whore I sat in state, surrounded )y delightfol retainera, and made tea with a liberal hand especially as regarded BUgaf ; but above all, of tho dear hands hat preparad all these enehautmonts, and ;ho dear heart ever contriving out ot', oh o littlo ' spiíie new surprise or pioasant jrojec't; wíio made of the poor plahj íouso, with its menger surroñndingrs, so air and trac a horca, tli?t is "now retracta ed throu'gh the mist pf yeara," and illumi tated ! y the incniory of her bright pres■;n i'. It íb to me the narthly prototype of tlioso many mansions where I doubt iot she is watohing and planning for us now. and her.sdsler are probaily ljy Chis il', pósé ion of inffi'd and rnülcd drosses ; but the birthlay party did not come off. There is ono ess pleasant landmark than need 1! to ireak tho dyll monotony oí' those younjt i-.-! o i ibrighi ■ . -t to be looked )ek to and referred to long aiter the lino have gone t In: way of all oarthly 'abrios. r raind ; our mntronly friond didn't !ii:;; ; Bhe imagined :;1i was doingrischt. iught her husbái to stay at the storo as usual all through bis wedding anniver ary; be did not kno w the country drive he and his wife might have taken together, talking oyer oíd love-makiüg times the1 winlc. woulu háve been worth to tlioin both a liuudred times u(! -of tlie paltry dollar he suecceded in coininp: by working on his holiday.


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