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Gather Up The Leaves

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A correspondent of tho Country Gentleman suys : Many aro apt to consider tho dying ciivi's of the nutunm as poueosed oflittle Bubstanoe. This i. enjoneoua ; tliuy cout.iin not only vegetable matter, bufc potasb, limo, and earthy salts, which are til) required for the growth of tho crops of tliu noxt Buminer. Natura enriohet hor soil year afteryear in the gfeat unbroken foresta by the deoomposition of these teaves, and it secms hardly posaible that any ri farmer or hortioulturigt can allow them to bo swopt away by every wind Uiat blows, and finally lost altOgCtlliT. If in orchards tho leavcs of eacb. tree should be collectod and placed under the soil about the roots, thoy would próvido, in tho clicajx'st mannor, the host possible food for euüh treo. iear, apple, peach and oherry trees would be greatly bonoflted hy tiiis simple process. It is said ii"!t oeittin viiuyards of Francs and Italy ace kept in the highcft condition by siniply burying at tlieir roots every leaf and branch that falls or is pruuod i'rom the vines at tho close of tho season. It is a well-known faot tliat no manure is moru engerly sought atter by l'.orists than Leaf mold ; it saters largely into the preparation of compost, for iotting house planta. They are most exqellent absorbehts tbr horae-stalls, and if they arogathered perfectly dry and kept so until used, they impart to manure a dark, brittlo oharaoter, whioh improvos it for any ubo, and raakes it unsurpaeéècl for a top dressing for garden purposcsi ' A litter of Leavea niakes it also more manftgeable than tlo one of straw, ra it om) ba renewed without the necessity of cleaning out tho stall liioru than two or threo timos a week, :i, the leavea aosöri tli.i ammonia rapidly, and oan be moro readily incorporated with tho manure, by being troddiai and workod over in tho stall, than if removed daily. Thèy are especially recommended for hot-beds, mixing thedried [eaves with thohorsn manure; and there is no letter ingrediënt for increasing tho strungth of wornout gardens.


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