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Fattening Animals

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The i 'hhj givog thoso items mlating to thé toa'nüer of produuing ■ isivc fatneSS. It says : Xumerous experimenta have been m;ide on geese, ducks, pigs, boes, etc., wliich go to provo that these animáis aeoumulato muoh moro fat than ean be aceounted lor by tho quantity prusont in tho food. M. Flourens bad t-ha bears iu the .Tarden des Plantes féd e: clusively on bread, and they beoame excessively fat. Bees confined tö a diet of purified Bagar continued to produce ;, whicli strictly belongs to thfi group nf fats. iiut whatover its sonrce, the excessive use of i ombined with ñtíactivity, lently lèaili'fce the deposit of an inordinate amoant of ole:iginous matter. This fact is illustrated by uninerons instances both among the lower animáis (fid among men. At Strasbourg the gcesc aro fattened by sln;tting thom up 'kened eoops within a heated mom, and etuffing them constaiitly Yith food. The high tempeVature léssêns the e of tho heat, and thus fnvors tho pr Here all the conditions for obtainingobeorted to, viz.: extended hunt, obsouriïy, inactivity, and tho cramming of animáis with futí i. A still greater loíinement foï pandoring to the appetite is rosorted to by the Italians, who rt.-lish tho fat of tho ortolan. T.ö procure this in perfection, the n'ntural habits of the bird were watched, and it having been found that it only takes f ood at the rising of the s '_r, they cheat the bírds by producing mi artificial Buurise. To effect tbis, tha ortolans aro placed in a diirlc, warm chamber, whioh has liutone aperture in the wall. Food being soatli red over the floor, a lantern is placed at a oertain hour in the openincr, when the binls, misled by tho dim light, at once comincnco feeding. Tho meal finished, the lantèrn is withdrawn and more food scattered about, when the ortolans sleep. Tvvo or three hours having elapsed, and digestión being oojnjdetea, tbc; lantern is again made to throw its light info the apartmont. Tlu; rising sun recalls tho birds to the habit of again feeding, and they Hgain leep '.viili returning darkness. This procesa is repeated 8everal times in tin: twenty-four honrs, and in a very short time tho ortolan becomes literally a ball of fat, whioh, strnng on a wiek, is said to make an excellent lamp.


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