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Plaster Of Paris For Vines

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I have a large quantity of grapovines plantea in the open ground, and ti on polos and wiresalong tbc gravel walks. In planting thoso I had tiiu holes dug abont twenty-tivo inchea deep; I then tlnvw into cacli hole ftvo or six luraps of oíd piaster, about the Bize ot' ny ñsi: ' I threw a little earth over these littn p, and then plantod the vinesin the usual way The result has boon wonderfuj ; the vinos, whioh were not half an inoh thiek when plantad three years ago, aro now two inches and more in diameter, and beat finoly. The gKifx. aro also i'roo iVoin diseaso. Othcr vincs, not so troatcd, aro much smaller and produce loss, tho fniit being nlso more liablo to diaease! To try !!:'■ effect of this piaster in planting two American black walnnta, we put tha piaster to tho one and not to tho other. Tho fornior grpw twico fta t'asfc as the Other. Last year we dng about tho roots of the ono to whioh no piaster v;is put, and wo threv ín seven or c-ight largo lumps of piaster among tho roots; th traes (n now botlt of tha saino size', ani3 thoügh onlv four voiirs olí!, aro sixteen or


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