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Curiosities Of The Treasury

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-TUere are romaneos even ubout so prosaic an affaiv :is keeping the national accounts. Por example, it appeara that tho poople profit to the extent of moro ' tbi ooo so far in tlic national oarefei', !y eithei the sheer forgjetíujpess or otTwr misfortune of the national creditors. Tho holdirs oí securitics have bidden thcci, and then been lost at sea, or have othorwiso perished ; or the bodda have been buraed in the ;ilscnco of tho owners, who havo then disappeared, leaTiug no word respecting tbeffl. All üuch icciderits nów insuro to tlio. benefit of tlic ppla, The odd ffict also appeafB that, as nparly as possible, just a dollar of t'nictional ourreney suffices for llio current noods of oaoh inhabitant of the country. Tlms, tli(! limit presoribed by lawa is quite snflicient, :ml will oontinue to bo so up to tbe time, novr not distant' when a tonOPnt stamp will fetoli a dime in silver. When an animal is killed or lmrt by tho cara on the Kansas l'acifie Bailroad the seotion bosa filis out a blank form dögoribing thi! location of the accident, etc. of the qoeatíona in thefortn ia, "Whal (lisposition vis made of thc animal?' The answer retumed to this query in tho caso of a Texas steerun over the othor d:iy was, "disposition mild tiiid gentío." Bsllook, ilio fugitivo ox-Governor oí öpori;ia, is living in one of the finest subirl;ui residenoPB In London. His house rnÍ8hed magniflcently, hisatnd is oí the i'iif-t stoelt, hia turnoats unsurp and lio s'ivs he has coneluded to inake London hia rosideace for the futuro.


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