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A Fow Days Since, A Needy Person

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plied to ft wealtliy citizon for help, and reccivod tlic small siim of fivo cents. The The givor romarked, as ho handed over tho pittanoi!, "Takeit, you are welcomo, our oars aro always open to the calis of the distressed.,' "Thatmay bc," replied tho recipiënt, "but never beforn in my life liave I seen so small au opeMOg fox SUch largc ears," Efomelimea cáttte, when being t'ed high rci'iiso their iboil besauee thoir digestivo organs are out of order. We find 1 : lowing made in a drink, rocomiaendod by an expericneod cattlo man : Bpsom salts, 14 ouncos; Bulphur, l' ounees; inger, 1 ounco; black antimony, 1-2 oi a.locs, 1-2 umin', The whote well powdored and mixed, and put into not loss than four quart of thin oatincal gruel. Tho attepapt of California to fteelimatizo tin; Cashmere goat profni the ftninjal attaining a larger sizo and yinlding a flner fleece than in its nativo India.. There are estiinatnd to be 10,000 Cashnlerea ia tho State, and the fleeoe, aecording to tlu grado, v.o'üi from '2Ó cents up to Í1.25 ppr pi A Leavenworth editor Bat down in a reservo seat alreiidy occupied by a hornet. He stands up when seissoring kis editori als now. A little girl wanting a fan, bat not heftig abl'e to remember the word, said sta " wanted a thing to biosb tho warmth oLf i witb"


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